Part 1

  1. Dictionary


Do you like paper dictionaries or electronic dictionaries?



Well, it depends. I would probably use a paper dictionary when I need some further explanation for one particular English word or expression. However, an electronic one seems much more convenient if I come across some new words while reading an English article.



particular 形容词; 特别的, 专属的

Eg There is one particular word I do not know in this article, so I need to look it up in my dictionary.

convenient 形容词; 方便的, 便捷的

Eg Could you please bring some beer on your way back home if it is convenient?

come across 及物动词短语; 碰到  遇到

EgPlease feel free to contact me when you come across any difficulties in this new place.


How will dictionaries change in the future?



Well, I don’t think they’re gonna change so much in the future because the current ones we are using are already multi-functional. Take a common English electronic dictionary as an example, people can not only use it to look up words for work and study, but also they can find some interesting articles to read for pleasure.



multi-functional: 形容词; 多功能的, 功能齐全的

Eg With a multi-functional room, not only can you sleep in it, but also you can even swim inside.

read sth for pleasure: 动词短语; 出于娱乐的目的阅读

EgPeter is quite different from others. He never reads for a particular purpose. Instead, he likes to read for pleasure.


How often do you use your dictionary?



Well, I don't think I use it quite often because most of my textbooks are in Chinese. However, I would use my electronic dictionary occasionally when I read some English news online.



however: 连词; 但是(表转折)

Eg Mike did an excellent job overall. However, there is still some room for improvement.

would: 情态动词;愿意,情愿(做

Eg He would tell jokes to make her laugh when Mary feels down.

occasionally: 副词; 有时候,偶尔

Eg I have to be away from my family occasionally when I travel on business.


What kinds of dictionaries did you use before?



I remember that I used to have two different kinds of dictionaries during middle school. One was a paper dictionary which our teacher required all of us to buy for English study, and the other one was an electronic one which I asked my parents to buy for me as I was too lazy to carry it around that time.



used to do sth 单词短语;过去经常做某事

EgLily used to like American food a lot, but now she really prefers Indian food.

require sb. to do sth: 动词短语;要求某人做某事

EgOur school requires all of us to wear the school uniform from Monday to Friday.

carry sth around: 动词短语; 把某物带着

Eg Lucy loves her new doll so much that she carries it around all the time.


2. Handwriting


What impression does a person’s handwriting have on other people?



In Chinese culture, it usually gives other people the impression that you are a decent person who pays much attention to details if your handwriting looks pretty neat.



decent: 形容词; 得体的, 体面的

Eg Nancy has a decent job in Beijing but she does not seem to be very happy with it.

pay attention to details: 动词短语;关注细节

EgMy boss is a guy who pays attention to details a lot so everyone who works with him has to be extra careful at work.

neat: 形容词; 干净的  整洁的

Eg Whenever you visit her bedroom, you will be surprised by how neat everything looks.


How did you learn to write when you were little?



My parents told me that they used to send me to a nearby school where there was a nice teacher of Chinese whose job was to teach young kids how to write before they were admitted to kindergarten.



nearby: 形容词,副词;附件的  周围的

Eg We should have a time to catch up at one of the nearby cafés.

be admitted to: 常用表达;被….录取

EgKate’s parents feel really proud of her as she is admitted to a prestigious university in US.


Do you prefer to write by hand or email?



I personally prefer to write by email as my handwriting doesn’t look so neat. On top of that, most people nowadays tend to communicate through emails.



on top of: 介词短语; 除此之外, 还有

Eg He travelled to many cities in China last year. On top of that, he also went to a couple of cities in Europe.


Do you think people would stop writing by hand in the future?



No, I don’t think so because people would still need to write by hand on certain occasions. For instance, a signature is a must when people close a deal on a formal contract.



signature: 名词;签名 签字

Eg Being the boss of the Sales Department, his signature is often needed for many documents.

close a deal: 动词短语;成交,做成一笔生意

Eg Both parties were thrilled as they closed a deal which is worth 3 billion dollars.

contract: 名词; 合同

EgYour legal rights may not be properly protected as you did not sign the contract with your employer.



3. Outdoor Activities


Do you like outdoor activities?



Yes, absolutely. I basically enjoy all sorts of outdoor sports, and my favorite outdoor activity is playing basketball with my friends as it is a great way for me to feel relaxed both mentally and physically.



absolutely 副词;确定的 绝对的

Eg He was absolutely right when he made the decision to quit that job.

basically 副词; 基础的  本质的

EgBasically speaking, he is a polite man, although he might lose his temper sometimes.

mentally 副词; 精神上的 意识上的

EgHe is mentally ill at the moment so he has to rest for a while at home.

physically 副词; 物质上的;身体上的

EgShe has been working out for almost 2 years so she is now physically fit.


How often do you do outdoor activities?



Well, I want to stick to one particular activity on a regular basis. For instance, I try to play basketball with my friends once a week, but when my job keeps me too busy, I may not have time for that.



stick to: 动词短语; 坚持做某事或坚持某种想法等

Eg Nick sticks to his idea that solar energy will become more and more popular in the near future.

on a regular basis: 副词短语;有规律的

Eg They take business trips to Beijing on a regular basis as they need to attend conferences there.


What is the most popular outdoor activity in your country?



From my perspective, I believe the most popular outdoor activity in my country is picnic. I mean you can easily see friends or families having fun over a picnic in a public park or garden under great weather.



from one’s perspective:介词短语;在某人看来

EgFrom my perspective, he should take the job so that he could be close to his family.

have fun over sth.: 动词短语;在某方面玩得开心

Eg Many young kids seem to have fun over swimming, especially in summer.


What is the outdoor activity that elder people enjoy doing in your country?



Well, my guess is that most elder people seem to enjoy doing outdoor activities in the mornings as they don’t sleep in like most young people, and what they tend to do the most is either jogging or practicing Taiji.



sleep in: 动词短语; 睡懒觉

Eg Mary’s favorite activity is to sleep in on weekends as her works keep her so tired during weekdays.

tend to: 动词短语;倾向做某事

Eg We tend to believe in what he suggested so we would take his suggestion in the end.

either…or…: 代词短语; 两者之间取其一

EgYou could either choose to stay at home or go to the movies with your friends tonight.


4. Meals


What kinds of meals do you like?



Well, I would say I am not picky about meals at all. I mean I eat all kinds of meals, but generally I prefer to eat more vegetables rather than meat as it is healthier.



be picky about: 形容词短语; 对某事或某人挑剔

Eg He is quite picky about what he eats so you’d better not share any food with him.

rather than: 常用表达; 而不是

Eg Rather than working on his vocabulary, he spends so much time learning grammar as he believes grammar is the most important part to learn a foreign language.


Are there any fruits or vegetables you dislike?



I have to admit that I don’t really fancy bananas although I eat almost all sorts of fruits, and I understand that many people think it is a delicious fruit to eat as it smells so fragrant but I simply dislike it, and speaking of vegetables, the one I am not interested

in is cucumber because the flavor is so boring to me.



fancy: 动词; 喜欢  喜爱

Eg I personally fancy that Italian restaurant a lot so I go there at least once a month.

fragrant: 形容词; 芬芳的  芳香的

Eg He enjoys eating all sorts of fruits with a fragrant flavor, such as pineapples, bananas as well as strawberries.


Do you often eat out with your friends or family?



Yes, that is for sure. I try to do that at least once a month because it is a relaxing way to hang out with them. Plus, it is such a pleasant change after eating so much home-made food.



hang out with: 动词短语; 和朋友等玩

Eg He is quite a social person so he hangs out with friends whenever he has time.


When do you usually eat dinner?



I normally eat dinner at around 6:30 in the afternoon, but my dinner might also be delayed when I am stuck with my work sometimes.



normally:  副词; 通常的;正常的

Eg: I normally get up 9:00 every day as I live near my company.

delay: 动词/名词推迟  拖延

Eg  He will probably be late for the conference as his flight has been delayed.


Part 2 & 3

Part 2题目1


Describe a popular person.

You should say:

Who the person is

What kind of person he or she is

Why the person is popular

And explain how the person influences the public



此话题属于“People”类话题;其次,我们使用的主要时态应该是“Present Tense”;接着,我们看前三个“basic information”:这个人是谁?他是怎么样的一个人?为什么这个人如此受欢迎? 这里我们需要思考:这三个基础信息之间是否存在某种 logical connection?还有,如何针对每个基础信息进行有效的拓展?比如,因为他是这样的一种人 因此“他很受大家的欢迎”;再比如,在介绍这个人是谁时, 我们可以拓展一下这个人和你的relationship,或者how did you get to know this person? 等等;

到最后解释,说明的部分,我们需要思考这个人是如何影响到周围的人的, 这里大家注意, 这里指的影响应该是积极的, 正面的;另外, 大家关注一下结构:先给出statement/topic sentence + supporting details.



Well, speaking of a popular person, I have to talk about one of my close friends whose name is Mike. I got to know him since I entered college in 2010 as we happened to share the same dorm. And I believe the major reason we soon became good friends is that he has quite a few qualities that I really admire. Therefore, we still keep in touch although we already left college years ago and are now working in different cities.


With those qualities he possesses, not only is he popular with a couple of his good friends, but also with people who have spent time with him as they all speak highly of him and want to hang out with him more.


The first quality that he has is good manners, meaning he is such a polite person. For instance, when his friends are talking to him, he never interrupts. Instead, he would listen attentively and then respond properly, and from time to time, he would offer some constructive suggestions as well.


What’s more, he is also a considerate man. I still remember there was once we planned to take a short trip during one summer at college. Before the trip officially started, he had already begun purchasing some necessities for the trip such as tissues, water, snacks and so on.


Obviously, all his qualities have positively influenced the people around him because we have all witnessed that those qualities made all of us feel relaxed, respected as well as cared about whenever we are in a group. Therefore, we have all gradually learned that we should try to be good listeners when we are with friends and family, and also we shall try to stop being so self-centered, and instead we ought to serve others more when we spend time together.



speak highly of 动词短语;高度评价某人或某事

EgAs all the students speak highly of Professor Lee, his lecture even attracts many students from some nearby universities.


attentively: 副词; 认真的, 投入的, 专心的

EgEveryone listens to the coach attentively to make sure that they do not miss any important tips.


constructive: 形容词; 有建设意义的,有益的

Eg He seems to be so good at putting forward constructive suggestions in our weekly meeting.


tissues: 名词; 纸巾

EgCompared with others, she obviously consumes a lot more tissues.


witness: 动词/名词; 见证, 目击; 目击者

EgYou would also have been shocked if you had witnessed what he did last night.




Part 3题目


What are the qualities of being popular?



Well, there might be quite a few qualities for someone to become popular. However, I believe the most important quality is honesty. What I mean by that is you never lie no matter what people you meet and no matter what circumstance you are in, and that also means what you say is in consistence with what you do.


What influences do popular stars have on teenagers?



The influence can be positive or negative. For instance, teenagers could learn to make better use of their youth to do something more meaningful such as spending time in a library reading when a star posts a photo of herself reading in a library through her microblog. However, some teenagers might also ask their parents for luxuries when they see their favorite stars showing those on some social network, which is undoubtedly a negative impact on teenagers.


Do you think children should imitate their idols?



Well, it really depends. I mean children could imitate their idols if it brings positive changes in their life. For example, if seeing their idols donating money to those poor kids for better education makes them follow this behavior by donating their pocket money, children could imitate their idols. However, if their idols are accused of drunk driving, children should never imitate that, as it is absolutely a terrible action.



Do you think popular stars have more freedom or less freedom?

From my perspective, I think they generally have less freedom. You know, they are so different from ordinary people like us, because what they do, what they say or even what they wear every day may have a great impact on society, naturally everything about them becomes the spotlight of media, which means their privacy cannot be fully protected and respected. In other words, they do have less freedom.



Part 2题目2


Describe a recent change in your life

You should say:

what the change was

when it happened

how you felt about it

and explain if it was a positive or negative change for you




此话题属于个人经历类话题; 其次,我们使用的主要时态应该是“Past Tense”;接着,我们看前三个“basic information”:这个变化是什么?是什么时候发生的?你对这个变化的感受如何? 这里我们需要思考:我们是否需要按照信息的罗列顺序依次交代这些信息点?还有, 如何针对每个基础信息进行有效的拓展?比如,我们是不是可以先给出一些相关的背景信息, 然后在引出这个变化的具体信息? 再比如, 在交代“How you felt about it” 时, 我们是不是可以同时给出积极和消极的感受?

到最后解释,说明的部分,我们需要思考这个变化对你自己是积极的还是消极的, 这里建议大家尽量谈一些积极的影响 A positive change may indicate that you are a positive person.);另外, 大家关注一下结构:先给出statement/topic sentence + supporting details.



Not long ago, I made a sports plan for myself to get up early and go jogging in the morning for about 20 minutes before I go to work. And I made such a decision because one doctor warned me that I sat too long in front of a computer and also suggested me start doing some sports just to stay healthy after I went through the annual physical check-up organized by my company.


Admittedly, this is a huge change for me as I have not been working out for a really long time. Therefore, I could assume it would be terribly difficult at the very beginning. However, I felt so proud of myself as I could finally start doing one particular sport to keep a healthy life.


There is no doubt that it is a positive change in my life because it can first of all help me stay healthy. Instead of sleeping late in the morning in the past, I can now get up a bit earlier when the alarm goes off so that I could breathe the fresh air in the garden near my community while jogging, and I am certain that jogging helps me exercise both my body and heart.


Second of all, getting up a little earlier can also leave me some time to read news and check some important emails related to my work before I reach my company so that my time in the morning can be better utilized, which means I could be more productive at work.



physical check-up: 名词短语;体检

Eg: The physical check-up has already become a must for candidates selected for any full-time positions at most companies.


admittedly: 副词; 公认的; 承认的

EgHe is admittedly one of the top students in his class despite the fact that he might have some negative impact on his classmates.


utilize: 动词; 利用, 使用

Eg In art classes, teachers often encourage students to utilize their imagination to draw whatever in their mind and share their work with the whole class.


Part 3题目


What are some of the typical changes that people go through in your country?



In my country, there are a number of major changes in people life, such as going to schools, getting a job, getting married and starting a family. Going to schools means you receive education so that you can be prepared for the future job.


Which group of people like changes, young people or elder people?



Generally speaking, I suppose it is young people who are fond of changes, as most of them are creative and eager to meet challenges. Therefore, changes can probably bring them joy. In contrast, elder people do not fancy changes much, as most of them are pretty traditional and changes may make them feel upset or uneasy.


Have there been any changes in family life in your country over the past decade?



Yes, I think the most dramatic change that has happened in Chinese families is that a lot more husbands started taking the responsibilities for housework. In the past, most husbands did not share much housework at home, which means it is the wives who did most of the housework at home. However, women’s role in society changed in various forms over the past 10 years as their economic status has experienced an increasing growth. Therefore, husbands started to show more care and respect by sharing more housework at home.


What kind of change do you wish to have in your life?



I would like a change at my workplace if I could. I mean I really want my company to have the policy that all staff could enjoy a more flexible work schedule, which means that we are allowed to work at home from time to time when the work can be completed independently. Therefore, I believe our work efficiency can be greatly improved. Meanwhile, the resources of our company can also be better utilized.