题目:The chart below shows the average height of men in four different countries between 1775 and 1975.




The line chart illustrates males' average height in Denmark, U.S.A, Great Britain and France from 1775 to 1975.

Among the four countries, men from the Great Britain had the tallest height of 165 centimetres in 1775, followed by American men who were about 5 centimetres shorter on average. These two countries shared a similar trend during this period of time as we can see from the graph. Males' height both fluctuated in the 19th century and for a time around 1900, their average height of men even equaled. Then the figure began to rise steadily, reaching 175 centimetres in the year 1975. 

On the other hand, French men on average were the shortest in 1775 at about 150 centimetres, while males from Denmark were slightly taller than them. However, after a minor fall till about 1900, the average height of Danes skyrocketed to around 185 centimetres in 1975, surpassing that of the British and Americans, whereas the height of French men had a slower but steady increase to less than 165 centimetres.

Overall, the graph shows that the average height of men from these four countries increased at different paces during these two hundred years.



题目:Traffic and housing problems in major cities could be solved by moving large companies and factories and employees to the countryside. To what extent do you agree with this opinion?






Nowadays, the problems of traffic congestion and high price of housing in large cities are becoming increasingly prominent. Some people suggest that big companies and manufacturers as well as their employees should be relocated to rural areas. I think this approach could be effective to some extent, but it may not be a feasible plan.  

It is undeniable that the relocation policy may partly alleviate the traffic and housing pressure, as the dense population in the city is one of the main causes of these problems. With a large proportion of people moving away, there will be less housing demands and the real estate market may also go down. Besides, if the workforce no longer needs to commute inside the city, traffic jams especially the rush hour congestions could be eased to a large extent.

However, it is not a practicable policy to move large population to the countryside. Employees of big companies are likely to refuse to live in rural areas, where there are not as many high quality resources of education, medical services and entertainment facilities as in the city. It may become inconvenient for them as they may need to travel long distance to go shopping or send their children to school. In addition, the two problems cannot be fundamentally solved solely through the relocation method. More things need to be done such as infrastructure construction in the countryside and resource sharing.

In conclusion, the problems of heavy traffic and lack of adequate accommodation may be relieved to a certain degree. However, taking other aspects into consideration, I think this policy is difficult to put into practice.


重点词汇:traffic congestion, relocate, prominent, feasible, alleviate, fundamentally, infrastructure

重点表达:It is undeniable that…; be likely to; to some extent; it is not a practicable policy to…; take…into consideration.


1. Housing shortages in big cities can cause severe social consequences. Some people think only government actions can solve this problem. To what extent do you agree or disagree? (2016.05.13)

2. Because of traffic and housing problems in the cities, the government encourages business move to the rural area. Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages? (2015.06.13)

3. Governments are encouraging industries and businesses to move from large cities to regional areas. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages? (2014.08.16)




Part 1

1. Sunshine

Do you like sunshine?


解题思路:直接作答OR分情况阐述 + 拓展信息


Yes, absolutely. I especially enjoy it when I get a chance to go on a holiday and lie on the beach as it can take away all my pressure I suffer from my work. 

重点词汇及表达:go on a holiday; lie on; take away; suffer from


What do you like to do on sunny days?


解题思路:直接作答 + 拓展信息


Well, I enjoy doing millions of things on sunny days, such as go jogging in my neighborhood, go travelling with my friends, or even go for a walk at a nearby garden. However, I have to say that my favorite activity is to hang out with a couple of my close friends and catch up at a café.

重点词汇及表达:millions of; nearby; hang out; catch up


Are there many sunny days in the place you live?


解题思路:直接作答 + 拓展信息


Well, to be honest, I don’t think we have many sunny days in my city as it is a coastal city, which means it actually rains a lot throughout the whole year.

重点词汇及表达:coastal; throughout


Are there any technologies with sun in recent years? Can you give me an example?


解题思路:直接作答 + 拓展信息


Yes, it is quite obvious that a number of technologies related to sun have already come up in recent years, and I believe the most familiar one must be solar energy which is generated by sun, and it has actually been regarded as a new natural resource extensively applied in automobile industry.

重点词汇及表达:generate; regard …as…; extensively; apply


2. Art

Do you like art?


解题思路:直接作答 OR 分情况阐述 + 拓展信息


Yes, I really do. I especially enjoy visiting those art galleries as watching those paintings can relax me a lot.

重点词汇及表达:art gallery


Do you think art classes are necessary?


解题思路:直接作答 OR 分情况阐述 + 拓展信息


Yes, I believe they are quite essential in two major ways. One is that students can take it as a relaxing way to entertain themselves after they finish all those compulsory courses like English, Chemistry, Physics as well as Maths. And the other one is that students’ potentials in art may be discovered through those art classes.

重点词汇及表达:essential; compulsory; potentials


What kind of role does art play in children's overall development?


解题思路:直接作答 + 拓展信息


From my perspective, I think that art benefits children in a variety of ways. For instance, taking drawing classes could help children develop one more way to express their thoughts and ideas through drawing, and learning how to dance might help children improve their physical fitness. Therefore, art in general is beneficial to the overall development of children.

重点词汇及表达:from one’s perspective; a variety of; physical fitness; in general; beneficial


What can you learn from western paintings?


解题思路:直接作答 + 拓展信息


Well, I am afraid I don’t have much to say in that regard as I am not an art student, but if I were, I guess what I could probably learn is the different approaches adopted to express the theme in those paintings. Besides, I could probably learn part of their culture through those paintings.

重点词汇及表达:in that regard; approach; adopt; theme


Part 2

1. Describe a small business you want to have in the future.

You should say:

What it is;

What you need to prepare for it;

Where you want to have this business;

And explain why you want to have this business.




Well, to be frank, I would often dream that I could have my own bookstore as a small business so that I could hide myself inside to enjoy the pleasure of reading and make a living out of it simultaneously.

However, I do realize that there has to be quite a few things I need to settle before I can run this business. First of all, I must find a proper location for my bookstore and after some thinking, I believe I should have it in a neighborhood where there are a certain number of people who are into reading. Therefore, they would probably come to visit and possibly purchase books at my store on a regular basis, and second of all, I suppose I might have to carry out a survey to find out what sorts of books might interest those people who live nearby so that the books in my store can better tailor to their demands for reading.

Speaking of the reasons why I want to run this small business, it not really because I wish to make a fortune out of it. Instead, the major reason is that reading has always been my favorite hobby, and to run a bookstore of my own would mean that I could get easy access to all sorts of books and have fun reading in my own bookstore.

In addition, having a small business like that allows me to enjoy some flexible working hours so that I can take control of my time to make my own arrangements, which means a free lifestyle makes it possible for me to decide what I really want to do with my life.

重点词汇及表达:make a living; simultaneously; run business; be into; on a regular basis; carry out; nearby; tailor to; make a fortune; get access to; flexible.


2. Describe the politest person you know

You should say:

Who this person is

How you know this person

What he likes to do

And explain why you think he is such a polite person




Well, speaking of the politest person that I know, I have to say Peter is absolutely the one who is also a nice neighbor of mine. I can still remember it was a drizzling afternoon when our family moved to the complex, and that was around 5 years ago. We happened to run into him downstairs during the move, and he first politely greeted us and then offered to help us, which was really unexpected.

A few days later after we all settled, there was one morning when I walked out for work as usual, I noticed Peter stepping out of his house, and then I came to realize we actually lived on the same floor, so naturally we started a short conversation after we entered the elevator. From the small talk with him, I got to know that he was an IT guy working in one of the international companies downtown, and he would go jogging every morning for about 20 minutes before he went to work, and also he would swim with a couple of his friends on the weekends.

With the great impression our family hold on him, we actually asked him to hang out with us a few times. And there was one time when we invited him to come over for dinner. After the dinner, we chose to watch a movie. However, my 5-year old boy started acting so naughty because he wished to see one cartoon movie instead. Seeing this, Peter first approached my son and then smiled to him gently saying “I think it is a great idea to watch a movie you pick.” Therefore, we all ended up watching one cartoon movie. Therefore, from what he did and said, I could say Peter is such a loving and considerate man.

And to give you another example that there was one time when we asked him to go camping with us. Not only did he bring snacks as well as water, but surprisingly, he even brought a first-aid kit just in case anyone might get hurt. What’s more, he even offered to take turns driving on the way to the destination and the way back home.


Passage 1

Now in the hour(介绍一首歌名字的故事;人物传记类)




1-5 事实判断题






6-13 填空题

6 nations

7 name

8 proof

9 lyrics

10 dancing

11 radio

12 tour

13 claim

Passage 2





14-19 标题配对题

14  A key features of gestures

15  B compared with ringtone

16  C lose meaning

17  E individual variant

18  F gestures in different cultures

19  G difference


20 B

21 C

22 A

23-25 观点判断题


24 YES

25 NO

26 主旨选择题

C 选项里含有changing meaning


Passage 3

Light Travel(太空旅行;科技类)




27-30 观点判断题

27 YES


29 NO


31-35 句子匹配题


36-40 单选题

36 unknown areas

37 lack of capital

38 failure

39 based on...

40 outline the future plan





Section 1

Section One









Multiple choice 1-3

1. The teacher praise student Emma for:

A good performance in public show

B set examples to others

C get start quickly good adaptability

2. Why did the course need to change time?

A falling enrollment

B size of the classroom is limited

C availability of music room

3. New class begins at_____

A 3.15 pm

B 4.15 pm

C 4 45pm


Matching 4-6

What is the reason that Emma cannot have the course?

A The course is full

B The course fee is too expensive

C She has another activity at that time

D She has another activity at that evening


4. dance class — A The course is full

5. singing class —D She has another activity at that evening

6. vocal class—B The course fee is too expensive


Completion 7-10

7. Teach children to play instruments and to write music

8. Course fee: $ 85

9. Emma can start at: 14th September

10. Teacher name: Jamal Curtis


Section 2

Sentence completion 11-13

11. What is it called in the international program: Open gallery

12. What is the theme of this new competition: On the street

13: in Theatre foyer


Table Filling 14-20

Introduction of 3 judges background.



Present job

Interesting things


14 Australian

Went to Italy and got a degree in the UK, now live in London

Collecting old historical 15 maps

16 Kesteven


Running a 17 picture library

18 wildlife photograph



A teacher in London Institute of 19 Design

20 sports photograph


Section 3

Section Three








Section 4

Section Four







31. They are going to move across: deserts and mountains.

32. They have 3 kinds of ethnics: one is seasonal

33. The third: they plant fruit, egg plants, vegetables and cook with olive oil

34. Their houses tent are made by grass and goat skin

35. Men discuss important event in centre square

36. Moving houses are carried by/on camel

37. The people is descended from slaves

38. Move to XXX City with animals

39. Why are men called blue people? Because they are wearing dark blue veil

40. Some of them are granted by the government and now worked as tour guides in this area.


With all the qualities he possesses, it is fair for me to say that Peter is indeed the politest person I have ever met.

重点词汇及表达:drizzle; complex; run into; hang out with; naughty; approach; end up; surprisingly; first-aid kit; possess.