D 36. Consumers are often hesitant to try smart-home devices because they are worried about compatibility problems

K 37. This year's electronics show featured the presence of many officials from the federal government.

B 38. The market demand for electronic devices is now either declining or not growing as fast as before.

L 39. One analyst suggests it is necessary to accept both the positive and negative aspects of innovative products.

F 40. The Consumer Electronics Show in recent years has begun to focus more on the practical value than the showiness of electronic devices.

A 41. Fewer innovative products were found at this year's electronic products show.

H 42. Consumers are becoming more worried about giving personal information to tech companies to get customized products and services.

E 43. The Consumer Technology Association is the sponsor of the annual Consumer Electronics Show.

I 44. Many consumers wonder about the necessity of having their fitness monitored.

C 45. The electronic industry is maturing even though no wonder products hit the market.