J 36. According to Chinese officials, their activities in Antarctica lay greater emphasis on scientific research.

C 37. Efforts to create one of the world's largest ocean sanctuaries failed because of Russia's obstruction.

E 38. With several monitoring stations operating in Antarctica, Russia is trying hard to counter America's dominance in the field of worldwide navigational facilities.

G 39. According to geologists' estimates, Antarctica has enormous reserves of oil and natural gas.

D 40. It is estimated that Antarctica boasts of the richest reserves of fresh water on earth.

I 41. The demand for energy resources may compel renegotiation of Antarctica's treaties before their expiration.

B 42. Many countries are racing against each other to increase their business and strategic influence on Antarctica.

H 43. Antarctica's harsh natural conditions constitute huge obstacles to the exploitation of its resources.

Q 44. With competition from many countries, Antarctica is no longer dominated by the traditional white nations.

L 45. American scientists complain about lack of sufficient money and equipment for their expansion in Antarctica.