Is failure a bad thing?

1.  失败是人之常事

2.  失败不是坏事

3.  你对失败的认识

Many people try hard to avoid failure because they tempt to think that failure is bad and a person without success is failure and failure means underdog. But the truth is, everyone meets failure in life, and only find that it is just like your own shadow accompanying you all your lives.

However, hold a different view, failure is not a bad thing.Great people are not born successful, they are great only because they have tempered their personality and remedied their deficiencies through experiencing countless failures and defeats. Failure inspires people to overcome hardships and difficulties and achieve the final success. Indeed, we cannot always hope to embrace success if we accept failure.But if we harness it and take it as our source of inspiration, we may ultimately enjoy the glory of success

Through some people consider failure a stumbling block on the road to success, but I see it as stairway to great accomplishments. I will recognize disadvantages from my temporary defeat, draw lessons from it, and grow stronger each time I cope with a difficulty. Failure is not a bad thing, seriously.