Academic Plagiarizing


1. 当前,学术抄袭现象泛滥

2. 学术抄袭的危害

3. 怎样杜绝学术抄袭


 Academic Dishonesty on Campus


It is known to all, an academic credential reflects a student's academic knowledge and expertise, with which he becomes qualified for performing certain professional responsibilities at certain professional positions. While, according to a survey, many college students as well as professionals copy papers from others, just avoiding the trouble of doing the research by themselves, which is a shame of college education.

Academic dishonesty can’t be tolerate. It’s an infringement, without respecting others efforts. Moreover, academic dishonesty is dangerous sometimes might even cause a severe social trouble. For example, a medical graduate with false credentials can kill his patients rather than rescuing them. It’s easy to cheat in academics, but one shall never learn the truth and have their own thinking on their work.

To prevent academic dishonesty on campus,a combination of measures by the school may be necessary. We should evaluate students by their comprehensive quality, not solely by his academic performance. For, teachers, we should keep exposing and denouncing so that they can no longer fool us. In this way, our campus will become purified and credibility will ultimately prevail.