Campus Safety

1. 校园安全十分重要

2. 学校应当采取哪些措施保护学生安全

3. 学生自己应当如何保证自己的安全


It is now nearly commonplace to hear and read of the devastating tragic events happened on campus, which also constitute a huge threat to the society. In order to safeguard the students, growing attention should be focused on the emerging and known security problems.

There are many effective measures for school across the country to take, such as safety education and tighter security. For example, school managements should revise their emergency preparedness plans and security guards should patrol on campus around teaching buildings and student dorms, and enforce strict entrance checks, barring entry to anyone carrying a gun or a knife.

As for students, enhancing awareness of safety and potential hazards in daily life are needed. We should foresee the possible incidents and keep away from crowded places. Lock the dorm at night or whenever we are leaving the dorm. If possible, we’d better have some first-aid training in order to help us survive in emergency situations.