Computer and Man

1.    计算机对人类的贡献

2.      人类会被计算机控制吗

3.      你对计算机与人类的未来怎么看


It is believed that the computer is bringing the world into a brand new era. Nowadays,the function of the computer is no longer confined to calculation; it permeates people’s daily lives and has become an inseparable part of human society.
You can’t imagine the life without computers.

But can man be controlled by computers? The answer is negative. Although a computer works much faster and accurately than man, it is designed, manufactured and programmed by man. Of course, science fictions have made up many fascinating stories about a computer, or rather robot, who conquers man and the earth, even the whole universe; however, they are only unrealistic imagination. A horse helps man a lot runs much faster than we, but it is only a slave。

The future for the computer and man is very promising. With the help of it, we can do things that could not be done before. Exploring the universe, discovering new things, explaining mysteries puzzling us at present are all made possible by computer.