Views on College Students with Luxuries




Nowadays, the phenomenon of college students purchasing luxuries is not uncommon, you’ll find luxuries easily as long as you walk on the campus: LV bags, Gucci shoes, CK clothes, etc.  According to a survey, pursuing luxuries has becoming a fashion among youngsters.

Since most of the students are not economically independent, chasing fashion should not be in their considerations. While for some students, luxuries seem to be a motivation to their hard-working, they do part-time jobs, work hard and save money in order to acquire a bottle of Dior perfume or things like that. It might lead to a misconception that only luxuries are fine and worth being pay for amount of money, what’s worse, students might develop a sense of luxury creed, failing to experience the truth of life and work.

As far as I am concerned, luxuries are notable for their super prices, which target for people with decent income. Students should treat the luxuries seriously and pay more attention to their academic performance.