Nowadays,we always can catch sight of some students use mobile phones to copy the teacher’s lecture notes,and his notebook left behind.It is a mirror of an ever-growing trend that smartphones are being widely used in classrooms.

    In a world piled high with electronic devices,the classrooms,as elsewhere,has witnessed changes in the past few years.Instead of taking notes by hand,students are enthusiastic about smartphones ,because it can save much time and effort.There exist different opinions on this issue.Many people insist that we have benefited enormously from the huge amount of learning resources and multi-media learning tools.The mobile devices is much easier for students to search for certain content they need.The merits,though,may obscure an unrecognized fact that mobile devices in the classroom inevitably lead to laziness and distraction,which interferes with learning.

    For my part,on its own,smart device is neither good nor bad,it depends on how we use it.What we need to do is to steer students to make proper use of mobile devices to learn.