Life is a journey,during which we are all in desperate need of a true friend.Books,to a large extent,are considered as the best friends of many individuals.However,in contemporary society,due to the accelerated tempo of life,many people are so indulged in the internet that they do not read books any more,thus suffering from moral desertification.Hence,the value of reading books is highlighted again.

    Persistent attention should be paid to books for several reasons.First,with a broad coverage of subjects and topics,books enable one to become better.According to a saying,there is no royal road and to learning.What’s more,since time-honored books accumulate the wisdom of ancient talents,it is books that offer people the possibility to attain an in-depth understanding of history and culture.Last but not least,books assist people to fully enjoy their leisure time.

    To sum up,it is imperative for people from all walks of life to read books-perpetual friends in human life.Not only should we read masterpieces to realize the ancient wisdom,we should also read all kinds of books selectively to learn human life.