When it comes to the ability and degree,which is more important in job hunting,some hold that is ability is vital than degree.I,however,assume the degree should gain more attention.This is not to say the ability of job applicants is not important.
      There are some main reasons to support this view.First and foremost,higher degree is play a important role in our job-seeking.We often can have word that nowadays interviewers place greater emphasis upon education background.Without being well-educated, You have no chance to send the resume,how to show your ability?Besides,knowledge is a key factor in our future.Different kinds of jobs need the different types of background.If you want to be a scientific researcher,you should get a higher degree. In contrast, there is no special requirements in some service fields. 
     After pondering this question on many occasions,I have finally arrived that degree is much more important than ability at present.