——The World Mental Health Day on Oct 10 was marked by the theme: “Depression: A Global Crisis”in 2012.
      In the modern society,people’s material life is much more affluent whereas their psychological stress is more severe.Confronted with increasingly fierce competition from all aspects,such as entrance for a higher school,job hunting,promotion and earning,etc,more and more people are in the state of passive attitude.
     Depression has a bad influence /effect on one's study, work and life.In fact,depression affects not only one's mind but also his body. Those with severe depression even unable to continue their work or carry out normal activities of depression. The symptoms mainly include anxiety, perturbation,and helplessness .The depression seriously impedes people’s daily life ,and even worse,it brings about the tragedy of suicide.
     Fortunately,it has gained great concern of the whole society and people are going out of their ways to tackle this problem.On the one hand,we should maintain good interpersonal relationship and participate in activities that make you feel good about yourself and that you enjoy.Besides,live regularly and strengthen physical exercise.