Nowadays have enjoyed an increasingly prosperous life in the wake of enormous social and economic development.But at the same time,we forget that the consequence brought about by rapid economic development.For instance, greenhouse effect,dust storm,haze.
       As society develops, people are attaching much importance to deal with the relationship between economic development and environmental.
       Economic development is seemingly more important,the country develops much faster and better that it creates enormous job opportunities, improves living conditions and increases government revenues. However,the environment is becoming worse and worse. In order to protect the environment which we depends on ,something must be done.
First and the foremost, we are expected to use public transportations instead of private cars that emit a large amount of exhaust gas.what’s more, we can plant more trees to absorb carbon dioxide and build an environment-friendly society.Last but not least,it is surely necessary to complete relevant laws and regulations.
      We should remember that our future depends upon what we do right now.