Future Life with Robots

Recently, the issue of the supposition about future life with robots is of great interest among many people. As a big fan of high-tech devices and science fiction, here is my imagination about the future-robot-life.

On the one hand, in the near future, most labor force will be replaced by auto-mechanical ones. With higher efficiency and better accuracy, robots will undoubtedly improve the production capability and quality in many manufacture industry. Thus, those released labor force can have more governable disposable leisure time to enjoy the life.

On the other hand, more artificial intelligence will also make life even more convenient. Programmed with various data, robots can do many things. For example, the vision of auto-cleaning-machine, which seems impossible in the past, has already come true. As we all know, it frees our hands, making house cleaning no more an issue to worry about. Inspired by that, those inventors will create more practical robots to serve people.

From what has been mentioned above, if people continue imagining and making efforts to realize it, I can envision a future when robots will become an indispensable role in our daily life