Long conversations

Conversation 1

M: Hello, Jane!
W: Hello, Paul!
M: Please come in. I'm just getting ready to go home. Susan is expecting me for dinner. I want to be on time for a change.
W: Look, I'm terribly sorry to drop in at this time on Friday, Paul, but it is rather important.
M: That's OK. What's the problem?
W: Well, Paul, I won't keep you long. You see there's a problem with the exchange rates. The India rupee has taken a fall in a foreign exchange market. You see there's been a sharp increase in India's balance of payment deficit.
M: I see. That's serious, isn't it?
W: Well, as you know, there have been reports of unrest in India and the prospects for the rupee look pretty gloomy.
M: And that's going to affect us as if we didn't have enough problems on our hands.
W: So I thought it would be wise to take out forward exchange cover to protect our position on the outstanding contracts.
M: Just a minute. Forward exchange cover? Now, what does that mean exactly?
W: Well, it means that JO Motors enters into a commitment to sell India rupees at the present rate.
M: I see. And how would that benefit us?
W: Well, JO Motors won't lose out if the India rupee falls further.
M: What will it cost, Jane?
W: A small percentage, about one percent, and that can be built into the price of the back.
M: Well, I don't suppose there's a much choice. All right, Jane, let's put it into action.

Q9: What do we learn about the man's daily life?

Q10: Why did the woman come to see the man?

Q11: What makes the woman worry about the India rupee?