It is universally acknowledged that dealing with job responsibility and personal interests plays a crucial role in our society, and it’s never easy to manage it well. Therefore, how to strike a balance between them has intrigued people from different walks of life. 

The first thing to remember is not to show preference to either of them, they are of equal importance. Some people work to get paid, so do those people concern more on personal interests? We shall not neglect the fact that at the same time, they also succeed in accomplishing their job responsibility.

The next thing we shall bear in mind is to get rid of the common misunderstanding that job responsibility and personal interest are antilogous. The fact is, you can have them both. Just as a well-known saying goes, “All for one and one for all”, suggesting that individual and the unity can’t be considered separately. 

From what has been discussed above, we can draw the conclusion that the way to balance job responsibility and personal interest is to consider them as a whole.