Directions:There are 10 incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are four choices marked. A), B), C) and D). Choose the ONE that best completes the sentence. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center. 

      51.The most successful way to solve the language problem while a foreign play is being performed is ____ translation.

  A) instantaneous  B) spontaneous C) simultaneous  D) homogeneous

      52.The hostess ____ in the contract that the rent should be paid in cash at the beginning of each month.

  A) assumed  B) submitted C) exposed  D) specified

  53.This year, the number of accidents has ____ that of last year.

  A) overtaken  B) overweighed C) overcome  D) overshadowed

  54.You must ____ yourself or they will continue to bully you, so you will go on living in disgrace.

  A) assess  B) assert C) maintain  D) promote

  55.While both plans were perfectly sensible, only one seemed ____ in China's particular situation.

  A) available  B) feasible C)resolvable  D) presumable

  56.A good teacher must know how to ____ his ideas to the students, as generally agreed by educational experts.

  A) transmit  B) transfer C) convey  D) communicate

  57.If you keep on taking on more work than you can do, your health will ____.

  A) decline  B) degrade C) degenerate  D) deteriorate

  58.The director tried to wave aside these issues as ____ details that would be settled later.

  A) preliminary  B) primary C) trivial  D) alternative

  59.As one of the youngest professors in the university, Miss King is certainly on the ____ of a brilliant career.

  A) end  B) edge C) threshold  D) course

  60.During the famine of 1943, millions of peasants ____ to the cities because they could not make a living in the countryside.

  A) immigrated  B) emigrated C) migrated  D) generated





  【详细解答】instantaneous"瞬间的, 即刻的, 即时的";spontaneous "自发的,自然产生的";simultaneous"同时的,同时发生的";homogeneous"同类的, 相似的,均匀的"。根据句子意思选答案C。




  【详细解答】assume"假定, 设想, 采取,呈现";submit"(使)服从, (使)顺从,提交,递交";expose"使暴露, 受到,使曝光,揭露";specify"规定,指定,确定;详细说明,具体说明"。按句意,此题答案应为D。




  【详细解答】overtake "赶上,追上";overweigh "使…负担过重,比…重,比…重要,胜过,给…加负担,压迫,压倒";overcome"战胜,克服, 胜过, 征服";overshadow"遮蔽, 使…失色"。按词意选A。




  【详细解答】 assess"估定,评定";assert"断言,声称";;maintain"维持, 维修,继续,供养,主张";promote"促进,发扬,提升,提拔,晋升为"。assert oneself为固定搭配,意思是"坚持自己的权利;表现自己的权威"。符合题意,故选B。




  【详细解答】 available"可用到的,可利用的,有用的";feasible"可行的,切实可行的,行得通的";resolvable"可溶解的,可解决的,可解答的";presumable"可假定的,可能的,可推测的"。按句意,答案应为B。




  【详细解答】transmit"传输,转送,传达,传导,发射,传播"; transfer"转移, 调转, 调任, 传递, 转让, 改变"; convey" 传达,表达,转达";communicate"沟通,通信,(房间、道路、花园等)相通,传达,感染"。按句意可知,答案应为C。




  【详细解答】decline"下倾,下降,下垂";degrade"(使)降级,(使)堕落, (使)退化";degenerate"退化,衰退、堕落";deteriorate" (使)恶化,损害或降低(质量,性质或价值)"。此处意指"健康状况恶化",应为deteriorate。




  【详细解答】preliminary"预备的,初步的";primary" 主要的,初步的,初级的";trivial"琐细的,价值不高的,微不足道的";alternative"选择性的,二中择一的"。按照题目意思,此处应选"trivial",答案为C。




  【详细解答】end"末端,尽头,结束,限度",显然与题意不符;on the edge of"在边缘上;快要, 眼看",也与题意不符;threshold"开始,开端,极限", on the threshold of"在…的开头,在…快要开始的时候,在…的前夕",同样与题意不符;on the course of "在……的过程中"。故只可选D。




  【详细解答】immigrate"使移居入境,移来,从外国移来\[移居\], 迁移";emigrate"迁居(外国),\[口\]迁移";emigrate和 immigrate仅用来指人,意味着永久性的迁移,一般指越过政治意义上的疆界。migrate"移动,移往, 使移居";generate"产生, 发生"。根据句子意思此处应选C,即"migrate"。