​Directions:There are 10 incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are four choices marked. A), B), C) and D). Choose the ONE that best completes the sentence. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.  

      61.I'm sorry to inform you that you application has been declined. Our manager thought you were not ____ for the post.

  A) legible  B) eligible C) valid  D) literate

  62.Visitors to Britain are sometimes surprised to learn that newspapers there have such a large ____.

  A) issue  B) distribution C) coverage  D) circulation

  63.This line was carrying equal number of eastbound and westbound trains, and they ____ regularly.

  A) altered  B) alternated C) switched  D) exchanged

  64.The three astronauts have splashed down in the Pacific Ocean, only six

  miles from the aircraft carrier that was ____ for the recovery mission.

  A) dispatched  B) deposited C) deployed  D) delivered

  65.Pubs have fanciful names like "The Red Lion" or "The Pig and Whistle" and they often have picutre on a signboard outside to ____ the name.

  A) justify  B) illustrate C) modify  D) clarify

  66.There are two main requirements before the fifthgeneration computer can become a reality and it is these that scientists are ____.

  A) anticipating  B) tackling C) manipulating  D) speculating

  67.College students in this city have set up "the Cleaner Air Society"

  to help urban citizens become aware of the ____ to our environment.

  A) conditions  B) situations C) dangers  D) threats

  68.When you get a minor burn, pour some cold water on it, which will help

  ____ the pain of the burn.

  A) relieve  B) relax C) reveal  D) release

  69.The library published a colletion of books recently made ____ to the public.

  A) acceptable  B) accessible C) accommodable  D) accountable

  70.For 14 years after her spouse's death, she saw the ____ meaning of her life as nourishing her son and safeguarding her husband's works.

  A) due  B) lone C) sole  D) keen









  【详细解答】issue"出版,发行,(报刊等)期、号";distribution"销售,发送,发行";coverage"覆盖,新闻报道; 新闻报道的份量";在这里,circulation可指"(书报杂志的)销售量,发行额,销路"。故选D。




  【详细解答】alter"修改,改动,改变,改建";alternate"交替,轮流,改变,依次";switch"转换, 转变";exchange"交换,调换,兑换, 交流, 交易"。在这里,应是"轮流、依次"之意,故可选B。




  【详细解答】dispatch"分派,派遣,发送";deposit"放置,安置";deploy"展开, 配置";deliver"递送,陈述, 释放"。根据题意,此处dispatch最为合适。




  【详细解答】justify"证明…是正当的";illustrate"举例说明,图解, 加插图于,阐明";modify"更改,修改";clarify"澄清,阐明"。




  【详细解答】anticipate"预期,期望,预订,预见,可以预料";tackle"解决,处理(问题)";manipulate"(熟练 地)操作, 使用(机器等),操纵(人或市价、市场),利用,应付,假造";speculate"推测,思索,做投机买卖"。依题意此处应是"处理"和"解决问题"之意,排除A、C、D项,则只有B项最合适。




  【详细解答】conditions"存在的环境";situation"形势,局势,局面,情况,境遇,处境";danger"危险,危险物, 威胁";threat" 凶兆,威胁"。此处,根据句子意思,应是"意识到对环境的威胁"之意,只能在C、D之间做出判断;danger一般指事物本身的危险,而没有威胁的意思, 再考虑到后面的介词to,按照搭配习惯,答案应是D。






  译文 :这个图书馆将最近公众可以借阅的书籍汇编成一本名集出版了。


  【详细解答】acceptable"可接受的,合意的";accessible"易接近的,可到达的,可拿到的";accommodable "可适合的,可适应的";accountable"应负责的,有责任的,可解释的"。此处考的是词组accessible to 的用法,"可以获得的,可得到的"。