M: What’s all that? Are you going to make a salad?

W: No, I’m going to make a gazpacho.

M: What’s that?

W: Gazpacho is a cold soup from Spain. It’s mostly vegetables. I guess you can call it a liquid salad.

M: Cold soup? Sounds weird.

W: It’s delicious. Trust me! I tried it for the first time during my summer vacation in Spain. You see, in the south of Spain, it gets very hot and summer, up to 42 degrees Celsius, so a cold gazpacho is very refreshing. The main ingredients are tomato, cucumber, bell peppers, olive oil and stale bread.

M: Stale bread? Surely you mean bread for dipping into the soup.

W: No. bread is crushed and blended in, like everything else. It adds texture and thickness to the soup.

M: um…and is it healthy?

W: Sure. As I said earlier, it’s mostly vegetables. You can also add different things if you like such as half-boiled eggs or cured ham.

M: Cured ham? What’s that?

W: That’s another Spanish delicacy. Have you never heard of it? It’s quite famous.

M: No. Is it good too?

W: Oh, yeah, definitely. It’s amazing. It’s a little dry and salty. And it is very expensive because it comes from a special type of pig that only eats a special type of food. The ham is covered in salt to dry and preserve it, and left hung for up to two years. It has a very distinct favor.

M: um, sounds interesting. Where can I find some?

W: It used to be difficult to get Spanish produce here, but it's now a lot more common. Most large supermarket chains have cured ham in little packets. But in Spain, you can buy a whole leg.

M: A whole pig leg? Why would anybody want so much ham?

W: In Spain, many people buy a whole leg for special group events such as Christmas. They cut it themselves into very thin slices with a long flat knife.

Q1 What do we learn about gazpacho?

Q2 For what purpose is stale bread mixed into gazpacho?

Q3 Why does the woman think gazpacho is healthy?

Q4 what does the women say about cured ham?