1.A)Say a few words to thank the speaker.

2.D)He joined the local history societ when young.

3.B) She had a good knowledge of the town's history.

4.C)He made an embarrassing remark.

5.B) What their rivals are doing.

6.D) Their potentials has been underestimated.

7.C) She had not seen it yet.

8.D) Exporting their motorbikes to Indonesia.

9.B) It makes claims in conflict with the exising research.

10.C) They run a higher risk of gaining weight.

11.D) Go to bed earlier.

12.A) All the acting nominees are white.

13.D) Only 3.4 percent of film directors are female.

14.C) Females color over 40.

15.B) They are most underrepresented across TV and film.

16.C) One that covers their debts and burial expenses.

17.D) Add more insurance on the breadwinner.

18.A) When their children grow up and leave home.

19.D)They may not always be negative.

20.A) Biased sources of information.

21.B) They may have a negative impact on people they apply to.

22.C) A positive stereotype may help one achieve better results.

23.B) Quit taking the medicine immediately.

24.D) It may increase the effect of certain drugs.

25.A)Tell their children to treat medicine with respect.