231. If you double the order, we may consider giving you an 8% discount. 如果贵方的订货时能增加一倍的话,我方可以考虑给你们8%的折扣。

  232. The best we can do is to allow you 2% off our quotation. 我们最多只能将所报价格降低2%

  233. There are so many rich people in your area. To them, a high price means a good quality product. 贵方市场上有那么多有钱人,对他们来说,高价位代表了高质量产品。

  234. If you stick to your counter-offer without any compromise, we might not be able to make a deal. 如果贵方坚持你们的报盘而一点都不让步的话,这笔生意我们可能就无法成交了。

  235. Your bid is obviously out of line with the price ruling in the present market. 很显然,你方的还价与当前行市不符。

  236. We regret that we cannot book your order according to your counter-offer. 很遗憾,我方不能按照贵方的还盘接有你方订货。

  237. Our table-cloths are moderately priced and quite salable in your market. 我们的台布价格适中,在你方市场上完全可以做得开的。

  238. We don’t think that this price can be considered high in your market. 我方并不认为这个价格在你们市场会很高。

  239. We feel that your counter-offer is not proper because the price for such material is on the rise at present. 我方觉得贵方的还价不合适,因为该材料的价格目前正在上涨。

  240. We are not in a position to entertain business at your price, since it is far below our cost price. 由于你方出价比我们成本低得多,我们不能接受订货。