222. I’m afraid you won’t find another company who will give you a cheaper price than ours. 恐怕你找不出能给出比我们价更低的另外一家公司。

  223. What we give you is a good price. We don’t think it could be put better. Take it or leave it, it’s up to you. 我们所报的价格是很优惠的,不可能再低了,要不要随你。

  224. If you compare the quality of our goods with that of other countries, you will see that our price is very reasonable. 假如你把我们的产品质量和别国的比较一下,就看出我们的价格是很合理的。

  225. The price we quoted you for belts is much lower than that of last year’s. You must have found it very competitive. 我方的皮带报价比去年的报价要低的多,贵方应该能看出该报价很具有竞争力。

  226. Our offer might be a bit high, but you will soon make bigger profits when market fluctuations stop. 我方的报价可能会略微偏高一点,但一旦市场回稳,你们会赚取更高的利润的。

  227. The present market situation is on an upward trend, so you don’t have to worry about the profit. 目前的市场趋势在往上走,所以贵方不必担心利润的问题。

  228. Our product is rather competitive, so there is no question of profit. 我方的产品极具竞争性,利润不是问题。

  229. Your counter-offer seems to be a little tight. If so, our profit margin will be too small. 贵方的还盘是不是太低了些,如果这样的话,我方的利润额就太小了。

  230. If you increase your initial order to 30,000, I suppose we would consider reducing the price to $380 per unit. 如果贵方能将首次订货升至3万套,我想我方可以考虑将价格降至380美元一套。