141. here are our latest price sheets. You’ll see that our prices are most competitive. 这是我们的最新价格单,你会发现我方的价格极有竞争性。

  142. We believe that the price we offer you can compete well with those of other firms. 我们相信我方所报价格与其它公司相比有很大的竞争性。

  143. We hope you will accept our offer and give us your order soon. 我们希望贵方能接受我方的报价,并尽快下订单给我们。

  144. We feel that our offer will give you full satisfaction and hope to receive a favorable reply from you soon. 我们认为我方的报价会令贵方十分满意,并期待着尽快收到贵方同意的答复。

  145. If you think our proposal acceptable, pleas let us have your order at an early date. 如认为我方报盘可以接受,请早日下单。

  146. We have the pleasure in offering you our product. 很高兴就我们的产品向贵方报价。

  147. We are interested in making you an offer on our hand-made carpets, which are well received in the overseas markets. 很高兴向贵方报我方手工制作的地毯的价格,该产品在海外市场上深受欢迎。

  148. Our price for two dozen pairs of plastic shower curtains with matching drapes would be $45. Shall we hold them for your order? 两打与窗帘图案配套的塑料雨布的报价是45美元,需不需要我们给你们备货?

  149. We give you a price of $1440, FOB Chicago. 我们的报从是芝加哥离岸价1440美元。

  150. We are pleased to quote you for 1500 dozen men’s shirts as per the sample sent you before, at the price of $5 per piece CIF New York for prompt shipment. 很高兴按照先前邮寄给贵方的样品报1500打男式衬衫的价格,每件纽约到岸价5美元,即刻发货。