111. We shall be pleased if you will furnish us with your quotation for this product. 如果贵方能向我方提供该产品报盘的话,我方会很高兴的。

  112. Many of our customers are interested in your “Seagull”brand household scissors and we wish to have your C&F Shanghai quotations. 我方的许多客户对你方的”海鸥”牌家用剪刀感兴趣,希望你们能向我们报步第成本加运费价。

  113. we want to know the price CIF Tokyo for your printed shirting 我们想了解一下贵方印花衬衫的CIF东京价格。

  114. We are anxious to get an offer for your products. 我方急于想要贵方产品的报盘。

  115. We shall be very glad to receive an offer from you on this brand of radios. 贵方若能提供这种牌子收音机的报盘的话,我方会非常高兴。

  116. We should like to know the offer for the price of this kind. 我们想知道这种大米的报盘是多少?

  117. We would like to know the minimum order quantities per color and per design. 我们想知道每种颜色、每种图案的最低订购数量。

  118. What price could you quote us on two dozen sets? 我们订购两打的话,你们的报价是多少?

  119. Would you please quote us a price on your 71*84 reversible wool blankets, 15% wool and 85% cotton, bound with rayon satin? 请问羊毛15%,棉花85%,尺寸为71*84用人造丝包边的双面毛毯的报价是多少?

  120. How much are you asking for this brand of ties? 这种牌子的领带,贵方报价是多少?