101. Pleas quote us for the goods listed on the enclosed inquiry sheet, giving your process CIF Jakarta. 请报所附询价单上的货物的价格,我们需要雅加达到岸价。

  102. Pleas quote us your lowest price CIF Hamburg for 10MT of walnut meat. 请报10吨核桃仁最低的CIF汉堡价格。

  103. Pleas quote us FOB London for 100 reams of good quality white poster paper. 请报100令优质白色广告纸的伦敦离岸价。

  104. Pleas quote us your most competitive prices in order to consummate business. 请报出你方最具有竞争力的价格,以便达成交易。

  105. Pleas quote us your lowest price for fertilizers. 请向我方报化肥最低价。

  106. Pleas quote us your best price and let us know the minimum quantity for each order. 请报最优惠的价格,并告诉我们每一张订单必需的最少订购单。

  107. Pleas make us as offer on CIF Hong Kong basis for handmade leather gloves. 请报手工制作的皮手套香港到岸价。

  108. Pleas make us an offer, giving your price FOB New York. 请报纽约离岸价。

  109. We have already made an inquiry for your articles; pleas make an offer before the end of this month. 我们已对你们的产品进行了询价,请在月底前报价。

  110. I would like to make an inquiry about this type of leather bag. 我想询问一下这种款式皮包的价格。