91. We assure you that such things will not happen again in our future deliveries. 我们保证,今后交货不会再出现类似的情况。

  92. We’d like to avail ourselves of this opportunity to assure you of our prompt and careful attention in handling your future orders. 我们愿借此机会向贵方保证,贵方今后的订单我们一定会迅速认真地处理。

  93. Our products are always as good as the samples we send, I can promise there will be no debasement of quality. 我们的产品一定和送给你们的样品一样好,我保证质量绝对不会降低。

  94. I guarantee that there is no difference in quality between the products we’ll send you next month and what samples you saw just now. 我保证我方下个月将发送的产品和你们刚才所见到的样品在质量上不会有一丝一毫的差别。

  95. I can promise you that the products we send you will be of A-1 quality. 我向你们保证我们会给你们送去的货物一定是一流的质量。

  96. Our products are surely of standard quality. 我们的产品一定符合质量标准。

  97. I give you my word that the payment will be made not later that the end of June. 我保证货款不会迟于6月底支付。

  98. I promise I will check into these problems, and find out if they were our fault. 我保证一定会查清楚这些问题,看看是不是我们的错。

  99. We can make sure that these goods will avoid being damaged during the transit. 我方保证这些货物在运输过程中不会被碰坏。

  100. We will provide a fresh guarantee for the protection of the equipment repaired. 对于修理后的设备,我们将提供新的保证。