Unit One: Company Operation and Management公司运作和管理

Work Environment 工作环境


Spatial design 空间设计

Accessible 容易取得的,容易接近的

Surplus office supplies 多余的办公用品

Ambient light 背景光照明,环境光照明

Work station 工作区

Defective illumination 不良照明

Computer cable 电脑线

Telephone cord 电话线

Fire extinguisher 灭火器


优美、安全的工作环境(Work Environment),不仅是企业树立形象,增强凝聚力的需要,也是企业改进生产效率( production efficiency),提高竞争力的基本条件。企业以理性、科学地设计工作环境,可以满足先到工作空间的基本需求(basic needs)。几年来,越来越多的企业本着人文主义(humanism)的管理原则,愿意出资改进其工作环境。同时从工效学(ergonomics)的角度出发,重置安装办公室各类设备,以减轻员工工作疲劳,创造舒适的工作环境。

What’s important when…?
Designing the layout of an office

1,Appropriate use of space

2.Amount of light

Lighting is also critical. We should consider how much lighting and what type of lighting is needed to work more efficiently and effectively. Besides natural light, we also need to provide ambient light overhead and task light on work stations, as you see, defective illumination reduces work efficiency.
灯光也非常重要。我们应该考虑用多少灯光以及用什么样的灯光能更有效的工作。除了自然灯光,我们也在天棚设置 背景光照明以及在工作区使用岗位操作照明。正如你所知,有缺陷的照明会降低工作效率。 除此之外,当我们构建办公室布局的时候,也应该考虑到健康和安全,筹划未来的增长和空间的需要,应用人体工程 学来寻找适合工人的工作或者工作环境。
First of all, we have to consider spatial design when setting up office. We should establish primary and secondary work areas for paper work, computer activities and accessible file systems, and allocate space for storage of surplus office supplies. Make the best use of space and respect the privacy of our staff members.
首先,当我们建立仓库的时候必须考虑空间设计。我们应该建立文书工作的主要和次要的工作场所,计算机的活动和 访问的文件系统,还有分配给存储多余的办公用品的空间。尽可能的利用空间以及要尊重员工的隐私。

On top of that, when we’re structuring the layout of our office, it’s also important to consider health and safety, calculate future growth and space needs, and apply ergonomics to adapt work or working conditions to suit our staff.
除此之外,当我们构建办公室布局的时候,也应该考虑到健康和安全,筹划未来的增长和空间的需要,应用人体工程 学来寻找适合工人的工作或者工作环境。


Health and Safety Precautions健康和安全防范措施

Two accidents happened in your office in the past year that resulted in bodily injuries to some staff members. Your line manager is revising health and safety precautions to eliminate the causes of office injuries. You have been asked to make suggestions. Discuss the situation together, and decide:

1.what unsafe conditions there are in the office

2.what precautions should be taken

(1)We need to make a checklist of unsafe conditions in the office. They might cause further injuries in our office. For example, our computer cables and telephone cords sprawl on the floor, and if anyone trips over them, they are likely to sprain ankles and backs on even worse, break their legs.
我们把办公室的不安全隐患列出一个清单。例如,我们的电脑线和电话线堆在地板上。如果某人被绊到,它 们可能扭伤脚踝或者后背,甚至可能伤到大腿。

(2)Safety is our first priority. We should take measures immediately to eliminate these hazards.  

(3)A working fire extinguisher should be available to handle small fires, and all staff members should know how to use it. Finally, we must entrust a manager with safety responsibilities and conduct safety inspections regularly.
具备一个可以使用的灭火器来处理小的火情,所有员工也应该知道怎样使用它。我们必须委托一个具备 安全职责的管理者来定期进行安全检查。