Unit One: Company Operation and Management公司运作和管理
1.5 How to Deal with A Heavy Workload 如何应对繁重的工作

Perks 额外津贴,补贴 (为perquisites 的随略形式)
High blood pressure 高血压
Ulcer 溃疡
Fatigue 疲劳症
Health care benefits 医保福利
Coffee break 工间休息
Eldercare program 老年保健计划
Benefit system 福利制度
Locate nursing care facilities 查找老年护理设施,老年护理机构
Alleviate stress 减缓压力


生活节奏快,公司工作压力大,员工终日忙碌和奔波会对自身和公司带来许多不良影响。因此近年来,许多企业为了让员工保持身心健康,会采取各式各样的方法。完善福利制度,如: 医保福利(Health care benefits), 派发购物卷(Retail voucher),定期有搞笑人员(Joy Gang)到公司表演,公费旅游(Junket tour),设立咖啡屋(Coffee break)等等,让员工放松心情。下面,我们一起来看看这个例子?

What’s important when…?
Coping with a heavy workload 应对繁重的工作需要考虑哪些要点?
Benefits system 福利制度
Time management 时间管理

Coping with a heavy workload, I deem companies can introduce more benefits programmes to help employees cope with stress and keep health. Managers recognize that stress can result in stress-related illnesses, such as high blood pressure, ulcers, and fatigue. These illnesses translate into higher benefits costs for the company as employees more frequently use health care benefits. Therefore, companies can provides a free health clinic as well as an eldercare program that helps employees locate nursing care facilities for aging parents and offer wellness and exercise programs to help employees alleviate stress and enhance their health at the same time.

Time management is also important. Companies can provide training programs to help employees better manage their time. In this way, employees will become more organized and feel more at ease with their routine work.
时间管理也很重要。公司可以提供培训来帮助员工更好的管理他们的时间。通过这种方法,员工将变得更加有组织能 力,并且在日常工作中感到放心。

To sum up, companies providing these services does not pretend to look good to the community or because they are financially successful, but perks and fitness are a necessity.


Addressing the Problem of Overwork解决工作过劳的问题

Your manager has noticed the signs that employees in your company are overburdened with heavy workloads. You have been asked to make suggestions about how to improve this situation. Discuss the situation together, and decide:

1.what signs of overwork do the staff show

2.what measures should be taken to reduce stress at work


(1)I think employees in our company are overburdened though they do not tell you how they feel. But most of them show signs like consistently working late, working through lunch, coming to work even when ill, bringing work home, rushing to meet very tight deadlines and signs like…er…
我认为公司的员工负担过重。虽然他们并没有告诉你他们的感受。但是大部分人显示和一些征兆例如坚持工作到很晚,午餐时间工作,甚至生病也来上班,把工作带回家,给予完成即将到达期限的工作,信号例如 …

(2)We should also provide some sports facilities and organize sports activities to enhance employees’ health.

(3)We can also provide coffee rooms and nutritious refreshments, so that our staff can relax themselves there during the break.