1. This model of typewriter is efficient and durable, economical and practical for middle school students. 这个型号的打字机对中学生来说,高效、耐用、经济、实惠。
2. The computer we produced is characterized by its high quality, compact size, energy saving and is also easy to learn and easy to operate. 我们生产的计算机其特点是质量好,体积小,节能,而且易学好用。
3. They are not only as low-priced as the goods of other markers, but they are distinctly superior in the following respects. 它们不但和其它厂家的产品一样低廉,而且在以下几个方面有其独特的优越性。
4. You will get a 30% increase in production upon using this machine and also it allows one person to perform the tasks of three people. 一旦使用该机器,你们将会增产30%,而且一个人可以顶3个人使用。
5. This product will pay its own way in a year. 该产品一年就可收回成本。
6. This machine will pay back your investment in six months. 该机器半年就可收回投资。
7. The new type of suitcase car designed by our engineers is very ingenious and practical. 我方工程师设计的新款行李车非常精巧、实用。
8. This kind of bicycle can be folded in half and handy to carry around, especially useful during traveling and traffic jams. 这种自行车可以折迭,携带方便,在旅行中或交通堵塞时特别有用。
9. The maximum speed of this kind of variable-speed bicycle is 30 km per hour. 这种变速车每小时的最大速度是30km
10. These machines have few breakdowns and are easy to maintain because of their simple mechanical structure. 这些机器由于机械的构造简单,所以很少故障,易于保养。
11. Compared with the other brands, this kind of type costs less per mile and wears much longer due to its topnotch rubber. 与其它牌子相比,这种轮胎每公司损耗较少,也耐磨一些,因为它是用一种流橡胶做成的。
12. This kind of type is characteristic of nonskid stops on wet roads. 这种轮胎的特点是在潮湿的路面上不打滑。
13. This material has a durable and easy to clean surface. 这种材料的表面耐用并易一地清洗。
14. This kind of air conditioning system is practical and economical for the needs of your company. 这种空调系统实用、经济、能满足贵公司的需要。
15. Our products are of superb quality as well as the typical oriental make-up. 我方产品,质量优良,具有典型的东方特色。
16. Our silk garments are made of super pre silk materials and by traditional silks. 我们的丝绸服装是用传统工艺做成的,采用的是高档真丝面料。
17. The garments are magnificent and tasteful and have a long enjoyed great fame both at home and abroad. 这些服装华丽、高雅、驰名中外,久享盛誉。
18. As our typewriters are made of light and hard alloy, they are both portable and durable. 我们的手提式打字机是用轻质硬合金制造的,故携带方便,经久耐用。
19. The hand bags we quoted are all made of the best leather and of various kinds of styles and colors in order to meet the requirements of all walks of life in your country. 我们所提的手提包均用最好的皮革制造,式样、颜色齐全,以适合贵国各阶层人士的需求。
20. As our product has all the features you need and is 20% cheaper compared with that of Japanese make, I strongly recommend it to you. 我们的产品具备了您所需要的各项特色,而且比日本产品便宜20%,所以我们向您极力推荐。
21. Vacuum cleaners of this brand are competitive in the international market and are the best-selling products of their Kind. 这种牌子的吸尘器在国际市场上颇具竞争力,是同类产品中最畅销的。
22. “Forever”multiple speed racing bicycles are sure to be salable in your market. 永久牌变速跑车在你们的市场上一定很畅销。
23. Owing to its superior quality and reasonable price, our silk has met with a warm reception and quick sale in most European countries. 我们的丝绸质量优良,价格公道,深受大多数欧洲国家的欢迎,非常畅销。
24. We feel that our product is the best kind in Asia and we can very well compete against Japan in price. 我们认为我们的产品在亚洲是最好的,在价格上完全可以与日本竞争。
25. Our goods are greatly appreciated in other markets similar to your own. 我们的产品在其它市场同在贵方市场一样受到欢迎。
26. By virtue of this superior quality, this product is often sold out of stock in many areas. 我们的产品因其优秀的质量,在很多地区经常脱销。
27. Our products are superior in quality and moderate in price and are sure to be saleable in your market. 我们的产品质量优秀,价格适中,在贵方市场上一定很畅销。
28. These items are most salable in our market. 在我方市场上,这些产品是最畅销的。
29. There has been a steady demand in our market for this kind of toy. 在我们的市场上,这种玩具的需求一直很稳定。
30. We have the pleasure in recommending you the goods similar to the samples you sent. 我们很高兴地向你们推荐类同于贵方所提供之样品的样品。