Unit One: Company Operation and Management

1.1 Teamwork


Team-based 以团队为基础的 Collective cohesion 集体凝聚力
Teammate 队友 Organizational performance企业绩效
Group decision-making 集体决策 Creative innovation 创新发明/创新精神
Mutual trust 相互信任 Horizontal organization structure 横向企业结构
Full co-operation  通力合作 Nurture team dynamics 培养团队活力
Pre-building 团队建设 Promote team spirit 提倡团队精神
Bring out the potentials 充分发挥潜能 Drive team success 驱使团队成功


  1. What’s important when…?
  2. Evaluating the success of teamwork
  1. 1.Mutual trust
  2. 2.Full co-operation
  3. 3.Pre-building

Full co-operation among team members has a direct impact the organizational performance. When the culture of team cooperation is built up in the team members, they would render collective efforts to achieve the common objectivesand ensure a higher level of quality and workmanship.

Mutual trust is the first secret of successful teamwork. In the teamwork, the staff function better and cope with stress more easily when they are in a trusting relationship. They will tend to share their real thoughts and communicate with each other effectively. This helps to bring out the potentials and the reliable collective cohesion among employee.

Pre-building is a critical  component to drive team success. Many view team-based, horizontal organization structures as the best design for involving all employees in creating business success. Especially nurturing team dynamics can stimulate employee to create the innovative product or idea.

On top of that, timely communication and decision making will also help to improve work efficiency.


  1. Teamwork
  2. Your company is offering a brief training programme on team building for line managers. You have been asked to help plan the programme. Discuss the situation together, and decide:
  3. 1. what issues should the programme focus on
  4. 2.what kind of activities should be included

(1) In my opinion, we should , first of all, focus on issues like how to form an effective team and how to improve communication within the team. These are the most important things we need to consider when holding a training programme.

(2)So we can include in our programme, the activities that help to promote team spirit, activities that help develop employee motivation and improve communication.

(3)We can organize outdoor adventures like rafting and rock climbing. These events serve to increase personal awareness of abilities and complementary skills in your teammates.