A:It's very nice of you to invite me.
B:I'm very glad you could come, Mr. Liu. Will you take a seat at the head of the table? It's an informal dinner, please don't stand on ceremony... Mr. Liu, would you like to have some chicken?
A:Thank you. This is my first time to come to a Chinese restaurant. Could you tell me the different features of Chinese food?
B:Generally speaking, Cantonese food is a bit light; Shanghai food is rather oily; and Hunan dishes are very spicy, having a strong and hot taste.
A:Chinese dishes are exquisitely prepared, delicious, and very palatable. They are very good in colour,flavour,and taste.
B:Mr. liu, would you care for another helping?
A:No more, thank you. I'm quite full.
B:Did you enjoy the meal?
A:It's the most delicious dinner I've had for a long time. It's such a rich dinner.
B:I'm so glad you like it.
A:Thank you very much for your hospitality.