1.Eye 眼睛

an eye for an eye 以眼还眼,报复

catch someone’s eye 引某人注目,令人瞩目

give someone a black eye 打得某人鼻青脸肿

be all eyes 极注意地看着,非常留神

see eye to eye(with)意见一致,立场相同

see with half an eye 一看就明白

shut one’s eye to 置之不理

have an eye for 对……有判断力

keep an eye on 照看,密切注意

in the eyes of 在……的心目中,在……看来

make eyes at sb 向某人送秋波

make sb open his eyes 使某人瞠目结舌,吃惊

2.Ear 耳朵

go in at one ear and out at the other 左耳进右耳出,当耳旁风

pick up one’s ears 竖起耳朵听

up to the(one’s)ears 深陷在(债务等中),债台高筑

wet behind the ears 乳臭未干

be on one’s ears 在发怒

be all ears 全神贯注地倾听

give ear to 听,倾听,注意

give one’s ears 不惜任何代价(要)

have an (no)ear for 对……听觉灵敏(不灵敏)

sleep on both ears 酣睡,熟睡

turn a deaf ear to 对……置之不理,对……充耳不闻


down in (at) the mouth 垂头丧气

from mouth to mouth 口口相传,广泛流传

put words in(to)someone’s mouth 教人怎么说,诬指某人说过某话

stop someone’s mouth 使某人缄默

take the words out of someone’s mouth 抢先说某人想说的话

from the horse’s mouth (消息等)第一手的,直接得来的,来源可靠的

in the mouth of 出于……之口

make a mouth 做鬼脸

open one’s mouth wide 狮子大开口(指索高价);信口开河

4.Nose 鼻子

lead someone by the nose 控制某人,牵着某人的鼻子走

pay through the nose 花大价钱,被敲竹杠

turn up one’s nose (at)轻视,瞧不起,嗤之以鼻

under someone’s (very) nose 在某人面前,当着某人的面

as plain as the nose on your face 显而易见,一清二楚

bite sb’s nose off 气势汹汹地回答某人

follow one’s nose 笔直走;凭本能行事

look down one’s nose at 瞧不起

thumb one’s nose (at) (向……)作蔑视(或侮辱)的手势;((对……)嗤之以鼻


give tongue 直言无忌,明确地表示出来

hold one’s tongue 沉默不语,住嘴

keep a civil tongue 措词谨慎,说话文雅,说话彬彬有礼

with one’s tongue in one’s cheek 假心假意地;(说话)无诚意地;言不由衷地

bite the tongue 保持缄默,不做声

have lost one’s tongue 语塞;闭口不言;因…说不出话来,噤不能言

on the tongues of men (on everyone’s tongue) 被众人谈论

smite with the tongue 含血喷人,诽谤;谴责