Unit19 Lunch in the garden


1. What would you like,sir? 先生,你要点什么?
Can I have two burgers,seven eggs and seven ice creams, please? 我可以要2个汉堡,7个鸡蛋和7个冰激凌吗?
Sure! 当然

2.Let's buy 5 chips ,5 fish, 5 eggs and some sausages, OK? 让我们买5个薯片,5条鱼和一些香肠,好吗?
No problem! 没问题!

3.Fresh fruit! 新鲜水果!
Can I have some apples and pears? 我可以要一些苹果和梨吗?
Sure! 当然!

4.Come on! I'm hungry now. 快来!我饿了。
Help yourself,please! 尽情享用吧!

5.What would you like , Anna? 安妮,你要些什么?
I'd like a burger.It's my favourite. 我要汉堡这是我的最爱。

6.What shall we buy?Any ideas? 我们要买什么?有没有想法了?
Well,let's buy some chicken and burgers,some fries,ice creams and some sausages. 好吧,买一些鸡块,汉堡,薯条,冰激凌和香肠。
OK. 好的。

【带ar 的单词】
park 公园 farm 农场 card 卡片
tart 果馅饼 bark 树皮 dark 黑 cart手推车

Apples ,pears ,lemons and mangoes, 苹果,梨,柠檬和芒果
peaches , grapes , oranges and coconuts.桃子,葡萄,橘子和椰子。
They are all fruits. They are all fruits. 他们都是水果。
Chicken ,rice ,cakes and bread , 鸡块,米饭,蛋糕和面包
burgers ,potatoes ,pizzas and sausages. 汉堡,土豆,披萨和香肠。
They are all food. They are all food. 他们都是食物。