Unit18 “Doing” English in the classroom


Now, listen! You can find out about water in book 6,under w.
现在听着!你可以在书6的W后面找到water(水)这个词 。
You can find out about food in the book 2, under f.
你可以在书2的F后面找到food (食物)这个词
Please find out about the other things.

【带 ea 的单词】
sea 海 beach 海滩 bean 豆子 eat 吃
jeans 牛仔裤 leaf 叶子 meat 肉 pea 豌豆
peach 桃子 read 阅读 tea 茶 teach 教


Let's sing and dance.Let's sing and dance. 让我们一起唱歌跳舞。~
Let's play games in our English class. 让我们在英语课上玩游戏。
Let's draw and colour.Let's draw and colour. 让我们涂涂画画。
Let's draw a garden and colour its flowers. 让我们画一座花园为花上色。