Unit 5 My body and the monster's

—Who wants to try? 谁要来试试?

—He's got three eyes,four ears and three legs. 它有三个眼睛,四个耳朵和三条腿。

【带 u 的单词】

duck 鸭子 gun 枪 jug 壶罐

mug 大杯 nut 干果 rug 小地毯

hut 小屋 tub 桶


Hokey Pokey You put your right hand in,  伸出你的右手,

you take your right hand out. 收起你的右手。

You put your right hand in, 伸出你的右手,

and you shake it all about. 到处摇摇你的脚/手。

You do the Hokey Pokey, 来做这些动作,

and you turn yourself around. 自己来回转一转,

That's what it's all about. 就做这些动作。


情态动词 can

1.What can you see? 你能看到什么? I can see a book. 我能看到一本书。

What can you hear? 你能听到什么? I can hear a car. 我能听到一辆车的声音。

2.We can see with our eyes. 我们能用眼睛看。

we can hear with our ears. 我们能用耳朵听。

see 看 smellheartastetouch

What can we do with our hands and feet?我们可以用手脚干什么?

hands: touch clap hold write pick catch

feet: stand run kick jump hop stamp


What can you smell in the garden ?