Who says this Fall’s fabulous hairstyles can’t last for multiple seasons? It’s definitely not the case this year. With this season’s styles paying homage to styles of the past as well as the future, there are plenty of familiar styles walking around. Most of these styles are pretty easy to accomplish on your own too. Let’s have a closer look at some of the latest hair trends that are great for today, tomorrow, and the day after that!

1. braids

Braids 辫子

Braids are a classic trend that I don’t think will ever die. This season is all about taking the classic trend and adding a twist. Just part your hair to the side, weave your hair into a braid, and use bobby pins to create a twisted style to your liking. On a side note, messy loose braids are super “in” right now too.

2. central part

Center Part 中分

Inspired by the 1970s is the center part. Though side parts are still completely acceptable and great for any look, the center part is HUGE right now… and has been for a while if you ask me. You will see this trend in both updos and with long hairstyles, sometimes slightly off-center.
中分头是受到20世纪70年代的经典发型启发演变而来的。虽然不论什么长相的人偏分的发型都完全可以接受也很好看,但中分才是现在的时尚宠儿,实际上中分已经流行很长一段时间了。 中分随处可见,不论是梳高髻的人还是留长发的人。有时候稍微偏离一下正中间会更好。


Bangs 刘海

Bangs come and go in trends today, but they are, of course, here again… especially blunt cuts straight across the forehead. A great match to this kind of look is to keep the rest of your look sleek. To add an even sharper twist, use these bangs with long hair as a nice contrast. For those of us with shorter hair, clip-in extensions are a good quick fix.

4. old hollywood

Old Hollywood 老式好莱坞的魅力

So many things are on the table this season from retro to modern to punk to sleek. Old Hollywood glam always works its way back into style. Finger waves are forever gorgeous and add sophistication to any woman’s hair. With the help of a curling iron and some bobby pins, you could definitely steal this look.

5. cutting edge color

Cutting Edge Color 给发尖一些色彩

A little edge is always great in a look. Lately it’s become more and more fashionable for all these days! Add a touch of color for a little punk in your coif. Just the slightest streaks can make a world of difference. For those of us who swim closer to the shallow end, try a couple streaks or even try just dyeing your ends.