Lesson 5

Text A Summer Plans

Peter and Mary are talking about their plans for the summer. Mary is going to work in the city, but Peter is going to go to camp. Mary thinks that their friend John is going to the mountains with his family.

PETER: What are you going to do after you return from Washington?

MARY: I'm going to stay in the city.

PETER: What will you do all day?

MARY: I'm going to work with my father at the store. In the evening, I'll read books. On weekends, I'll go to the beach with my family.

PETER: Have you ever worked?

MARY: No, but I can learn. What are you going to do this summer?

PETER: I'm going to camp. I've gone to camp for four summers.
MARY: I've never gone to camp. What do you do there?

PETER: We do many things. In the morning, we go swimming and boating. In the afternoon, we play basketball or tennis. We sit around a campfire at night. We sing or tell stories.

MARY: That sounds wonderful.

PETER: It is wonderful. What's John going to do this summer?

MARY: I think he's going to the mountains with his parents.

FETER: Well, so long, Mary. Have fun.

MARY: You too, Peter. Give my regards to John. I'll see you in September.

Text B My Dishwasher

Mrs Williams lived in a small street in London, and now she had a new neighbor. Her name was Mrs Briggs, and she talked a lot about her expensive furniture, her beautiful carpets and her new kitchen.
Mrs Williams 住在伦敦一条小街上,现在她有了一个新的邻居。她的名字是Mrs Briggs,她说了很多关于她昂贵的家具、美丽的地毯以及新的厨房。

“Do you know,” she said to Mrs Williams one day,“I've got a new dishwasher. It washes the plates and glasses and knives and forks beautifully.”
“你知道吗,”一天她跟Mrs Williams说,“我得到了一个新的洗碗机。它可以把盘子、玻璃杯、刀和叉都洗的非常干净。

“Oh?” Mrs Williams answered,“and does it dry them and put them in the cupboard too?”
“哦?”Mrs Williams回答,“那它能把他们弄干然后放到柜子里吗?”

Mrs Briggs was surprised. “Well,”she answered,“the things in the machine are dry after an hour, but it doesn't put them away, of course.”
Mrs Briggs很吃惊。“嗯,”她回答,“一个小时后这些东西会在那个机器里弄干,但它不会把他们放好,那是当然的。”

“I've had a dishwasher for twelve and a half years,”Mrs Williams said.
“我有一个洗碗机已经有12年半的时间了,”Mrs Williams说。

“Oh?” Mrs Briggs answered,“And does yours put the things in the cupboard when it has washed them?”She laughed nastily.
“哦?”Mrs Briggs回答,“那你的可以把洗好的东西放到柜子里吗?”她阴险地笑了。

“Yes, he does,” Mrs Williams answered,“He dries the dishes and puts them away.”
“是的,他可以,”Mrs Williams回答,“他弄干碗碟后会把他们放好。”

Read the following dialogue once. Underline the key words while reading and retell to your partner the dialogue in your own words.

Frank and Charles discuss last night's television programmer.
Frank: Did you watch television last night, Charles?
Charles: Yes, I did.
Frank: It was a good game, wasn't it?
Charles: Oh, I didn't watch the football match. I wanted to, but my wife preferred to see the old film.
Frank: What a pity. It was quite exciting. Both teams played very well.
Charles: How did it finish?
Frank: It finished in a draw. What was the film like?
Charles: It was quite good. But I missed the beginning of it because I had to eat first.
Frank: Did your wife enjoy it?
Charles: No, she didn't. After half an hour she stopped watching and started to read a book.


1.What are you going to do this summer? 暑假就快来临,是时候讨论下怎么过暑假啦,在跟朋友们谈论时 可以直接问这句,或者也可以说:“What's your plans for this summer?”。Hey, do you have any plans for this summer? Just write down to share.

2.That sounds wonderful. 那听起来好极了。当你听完朋友的暑期计划觉得很棒时,就可以说:“That sounds wonderful!”它的用途很广泛哦,可以表达所有你觉得很不错的事的赞美、认同等。