Leaving a job


I want to extend my horizons.

I have made a tuff decision, sir, here is my resignation.

I really enjoyed working with you, however, I think it’s about time for me to leave.

I wish to get into the advertising business.

I see no chance of advancement.

I love the position with the desire of improving my position.

I found a full-time job after graduation.

The job is out of my major.

I’ve been trying but I don’t think I am up to this job.

I want to do a job that can Offer me the opportunity for advancement.

I have been here for too long, I want to change my environment.

I am sorry to bring up my resignation at this moment but I have decided to study aboard.

To be honest, I got a better offer.

I am running out of steam, I need to take a break.

I am quitting because I want to try something different.

I am sorry to see you go.

The office will not be the same without you.

My former company has been bankrupt.

Because that company didn’t have a good future, I needed to consider my future.

We are going to have to let you go.

You are fired.

I got the boot.

I got the ax.

They kicked me out.

The boss told me that I don’t have to come in tomorrow or any other day.

You have shown no improvement over last year.

I have no choice but to fire you.

She just got her pink slip.

The company has to lay off some staff.

His wife has been transferred overseas, so he had to quit his job.

My ex-work was consequently below standard so he finally got the sac.
Situational conversations

Dialogue one I need new challenges

A: May I have a talk with you?

B: Sure.

A: This is difficult for me, but after much reflection I have decided that I must resign from my position as deputy general manager.

B: It comes a bit of surprise.

A: I thought you are happy here.

B: Yes, I am, I like the people here.

A: Is there anything wrong? Did I have done or anything that I haven’t’ done?

B: No, it’s because I need new challenges.
Dialogue two I have applied for a transfer

A: I have applied for a transfer.

B: Do you mean that you are leaving?

A: Yes, I think it’s time to move on, I have already been here for too long.

B: Where do you want to go?

A: Well, I want to be transferred to the Guangzhou office.

B: But all of your friends are here.

A: I know but we can still stay in touch.
Dialogue three we need people like you

A: I was told that you were going to leave the company.

B: Yes.

A: It’s unexpected. Could you tell me why?

B: I want to work in a company with better working conditions.

A: I am so sorry for that. Our company is a newly built one, and we need people like you.
Dialogue four we have to downsize the staff

A: I am afraid I am the barrier of bad news. The company is undergoing a lot of changes and we have to downsize the staff.

B: What you trying to tell me? Am I being fired?

A: We are going to let you go, but we will give you a compensation package.

B: When do I have to clean up my desk?

A: We would appreciate if you could out of here by the end of the week.
Dialogue five I heard that your are retiring

A: I heard that you are retiring?

B: It’s true, I think it’s time for me to move on.

A: You know, I really don’t want you to go.

B: That’s very sweet of you to say so.

A: Where will you go? What will you do with yourself?

B: I want to do some traveling.

A: I wish you all the best. Take care of yourself.