Lesson 3

Text A There is Something Very Nice inside Your Drum

It was Jimmy's birthday, and he was five years old. He got quite a lot of nice birthday presents from his family, and one of them was a beautiful big drum.

"Who gave him that thing? "Jimmy's father said when he saw it.

"His grandfather did,"answered Jimmy's mother.

"Oh," said his father.

Of course, Jimmy liked his drum very much. He made a terrible noise with it, but his mother did not mind. His father was working during the day, and Jimmy was in bed when he got home in the evening, so he did not hear the noise.

But one of the neighbours did not like the noise at all, so one morning a few days later, she took a sharp knife and went to Jimmy's house while he was hitting his drum. She said to him, "Hello, Jimmy. Do you know, there's something very nice inside your drum. Here's a knife. Open the drum and let's find it."


Text B May I See a Hat, please?

MR Ross: May I see a hat, please?
MR Ross:请问,我能找顶帽子吗?

SALESMAN: What size do you take?

MR Ross: I'm sorry. I don't know.
MR Ross:对不起,我不知道。

SALESMAN: I'll measure you. . . You take size 6. What color hat would you like?

MR Ross: Brown, please.
MR Ross:请找顶棕色的吧。

SALESMAN: Here are some nice brown hats. Try this hat on. It's a very good one.

MR Ross: Yes, I like this one. It goes very well with my coat. How much is it?
MR Ross:嗯,我喜欢这顶。它很搭我的外套。这帽子多少钱?

SALESMAN: It's $ 9.95 (nine dollars and ninety-five cents). Do you want me to put it in a box?

Read the following passage once. Underline the key words while reading and retell the story to your partner.

想一想,大家觉得小偷被抓住了吗?OK,don't forget to retell the story!

The police in the big city were looking for a thief. At last they caught him. But while they were taking photographs of him - from the front, from the left, from the right, with a hat, without a hat - he suddenly attacked the policemen and ran off. They tried to catch him, but he got away.
Then a week later the telephone rang in the police-station, and somebody said,“You are looking for Bill Cross, aren't you?”
“Well, he left here for Water bridge an hour ago.”
Water Bridge was a small town about 100 miles from the city. The city police at once sent four different photographs of the thief to the police in Water Bridge.
Less than twelve hours later they got a telephone call from the police in Water Bridge. “We have caught the fours this evening, we think.”


1. May I see a hat, please? 当你走进一家商店想买帽子、衣服、鞋子等宝贝时,你可以说:”May I see... please?"这样,服务员就会给你介绍相关产品了。

2. It goes very well with my coat. 看到那么多美丽的物品,想必总有让你心仪的宝贝了吧,觉得它很相称,那时候就可以说:“It goes very well with...”