1 obvious adj. 明显的

I think it’s obvious that you’ve gained weight by the fact that your clothes don’t fit.我想你已经明显变胖,衣服才会穿不下。

2 drunk adj. 喝醉酒的

My girlfriend and I are going to get drunk tonight.今晚我要和我女友去喝个醉。

3 stagger v. 摇摇晃晃;蹒跚而行

People will stagger around if they lose their balance.身体如果失去平衡,走路就会摇摇晃晃。

4 seat v. 坐

Please seat yourself and a waiter will come by to take your order.请坐,服务生会来帮你点餐。

5 stool n. 凳子

I need to stand on a stool to reach the top shelf.我需要站在凳子上,才够得到书架最上层。

6 inform v. 通知;告知

Will somebody please inform me about the changes to the store policy.有人可以告诉我,店里的政策做了什么改变吗?

7 alcohol n. 酒精;酒

Rum has a high alcohol content.朗姆酒酒精度很高。

8 cab n. 计程车

In Bangkok, I saw more cab drivers than normal cars.在曼谷,我看到计程车比一般私家车还要多。

9 brief adj. 短暂的;简短的

There will be a brief intermission at the end of the second act.第二幕结束时会有短暂的休息时间。

10 surprise n. 惊奇;讶异

John was surprised at the amount of messages on his answering machine.电话答录机的留言量让约翰吃了一惊。

11 scoff v. 嘲笑

Don’t scoff at the teacher.不要嘲笑老师。

12 grumble v. 抱怨;发牢骚

Shawn was hungry; his belly was beginning to grumble.萧恩饿了,肚子开始咕咕叫。

13 stumble v. 绊倒;踉跄;蹒跚而行

In the search for my keys, I stumbled upon an old photo album.我找钥匙时,被一本旧相簿给绊了一跤。

14 holler v. 叫喊

I’ll be in the back for a moment; holler if you need me.我去后面一会儿,有事就喊我。

15 refuse v. 拒绝

She refused to go back to his apartment with him.她拒绝和他回他公寓。

16 angry adj. 生气的

If you’re angry about something, write a letter.有什么事惹你生气,就去写封信。

17 curse v. 诅咒;咒骂

This mask has beencursed by a sorcerer, so be careful where you place it.这个面具被一名巫师诅咒过,要小心保管。

18 burst v. 爆炸;闯;冲

The balloons burst as the children stomped upon them.小孩往气球重重一踩,气球就爆了。

19 remind v. 提醒

The smell of the pages of a book reminds me of when my grandmother used to read to me.书页的味道让我想起奶奶以前念书给我听的日子。

20 immediately adv. 立即;马上

Ask Joanne to call me immediately after she wakes up.琼安醒来叫她立刻打电话给我。



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