Ⅰ. Match pictures below with the dialogues.


1. ___ A: Want to make it short?

B: No. Medium length, make it at about the chin level.

2. ___ A: How do you like to have your hair done?

B: Make it the same as Nicole Kidman as shown in this photo.

3. ___ A: Want to keep your hair longer?

B: Yes, just trim a little bit.

4. ___ A: What kind of hairstyle do you want?

B: I want to tie my hair up like the horsetail.

5. ___ A: I want to make my hair straight, any suggestions?

B: Yes, you can do the Japanese hair straightening.

6. ___ A: I want my hair end to be a bit curly!

B: You can perm it.

7. ___ A: Can I part your hair from here?

B: No, please part it from the left.

8. ___ A: Want to gel up your hair?

B: No, make it natural.

Ⅱ. Listen to the dialogues, and fill in the beauty items, price and required time you hear.


Ⅲ. Listen to the dialogues and circle the correct answers.


1. He has…(a) thick eyebrows (b) thick lips (c) a high nose (d) double-eyelids.

2. He has…(a) mono-eyelids (b) double-eyelids (c) long eyelashes (d) thin eyebrows.

3. She wishes her boyfriend has…(a) a high nose (b) a flat nose (c) small eyes (d) thick lips.

4. He likes…a) hair dye (b) tattoos (c) nail art paintings (d) ear piercing.

5. He has…a) blue (b) mocha (c) cherry (d) grey hair.

Ⅳ. Look at the picture below and describe it.


答  案

Ⅰ. 1. c   2. f   3. g   4. a   5. d   6. h   7. b   8. e


Ⅲ. He has thick eyebrows, big eyes, double-eyelid, a high nose, white hair, white mustache, thick lips, wearing a Christmas hat and smiling happily.

Knowledge Time


1 男生上理发店剪发,有几种情况:

—照原发型剪短:Make it short and remain the same hair style.

—看图片剪短:Make it short as the one in the photo.

—剪成三厘米短:Make it short to 3cm long.

2 谈论外貌时,除了最常出现的身材、头发之外,还有以下常见的话题: