Ⅰ. Listen to the dialogues and check the correct answers.


1. He is…  (a) very tall   (b) not very tall   (c) a bit dark   (d) a bit white   (e) fat   (f) fit.

2. She is…  (a) dark hair   (b) long hair   (c) heavy   (d) ugly   (e) pretty   (f) tall.

3. He is…   (a) younger    (b) taller    (c) shorter    (d) thinner    (e) much mature    (f) older than he was in the film.

4. He is…   (a) fat    (b) old    (c) handsome    (d) young    (e) sick    (f) skinny.

5. She has a…   (a) dimple    (b) scar    (c) birthmark    (d) mole    (e) pimple    (f) wound on her left cheek.

Ⅱ. Read the description below and draw a picture as it mentioned.


I saw two men running very fast from the stairs of the second floor. One of them is very tall, about 175 cm. He has long straight hair to his shoulder. His eyes are very small. He’s about 35 years old. He has a dark mole on his chin. He wore a white T-shirt and black jeans. The other one is a teenager. He is short, about 150cm and weights about average. He smokes. His eyes are big, at least, bigger than the tall guy. He has very short white hair. I think he dyed it. Besides, he has a scar on his left eyebrow. The scar is very long, about 10cm. He wore a white shirt and shorts.

Knowledge Time


1 look 也做名词,但所指的是人的外表,例如:Ladies in my age are all very concerned about their looks.(在我这样年纪的女士都非常在乎外表)

2 谈论外貌时,能拿来描述的东西有很多,例如:身高:tall/average height/short...  肤色:white/yellow/black... 体格:fit/thin/skinny/slim/chubby/slender/heavy... 年纪:children/teens/youths/adults/elders... 发型:short/long/curly/straight... 脸上特征:dimples/scars/birthmarks/moles/pimples... 发色:dark/brown/blue/purple/blonde/red/gray... 美丑:beautiful/ugly/handsome/old/young/pretty

答  案

Ⅰ. 1. b/c/f        2. b/e/f         3. b/e        4. c        5. c

Ⅱ. (图: 两个男生, 其中一人很高(175公分)、留长到肩的直发、眼睛很小、约35岁、下巴有颗痣、身穿白T-shirt和黑牛仔裤; 另一人为青少年, 比较矮(约150公分)、中等身材、抽烟、大眼、又白的头发、左眼眉毛上有一条10公分长的刀疤、穿全身白的衬衫和短裤。)