Living Places


Match the dialogues with pictures below.


1 A:Where do you live?

B:I live in Taichung.

A:Where is Taichung?

B:It’s on the middle part of Taiwan.

2 A:Where are you living?

B:I’m living in the school dormitory.

A:Is it in the campus?

B:No, it takes about 5 minutes walking to the campus.

3 A:Do you live in the school’s dormitory?

B:No. I’m living in a home stay.

A: Where is the home stay?

B:It’s near the Taipei Train Station.

4 A:What kind of house are you living?

B:I’m living in a 4-room apartment.

A:It sounds pretty big.

B:Well, it’s just big enough for a family of 5.

5 A:Wow, look at this bungalow! Is this where you are living?

B:Yes, this is my auntie’s house.

A:How big is it?

B:It has 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 dining room, 1 living room and I big yard…

Knowledge Time


1 Where do you live? / Where are you living?问的都是 “你住哪里?”,回答时的动词形式要与问句一致。

2 Where do you live?是一个很笼统的问题,回答时需要依照谈话人的背景及当时的情境,来判断所需答复的内容。

e.g.— 在外国的留学生,多半是住学校宿舍 dormitory /住宿家庭 home stay /附近租房子 rented house, 或附近租公寓 rented apartment。

— 移民海外者,多半谈的是房子的种类:独栋洋房 bungalow /联建的西式房子 town house / 大厦 condominium / 公寓 apartment / 高楼的顶层豪宅penthouse /套房 suite。

— 旅游或出差者,多半谈的是旅店的种类:旅馆 hotel /汽车旅馆 motel /民宿B&B(bed&breakfast)/青年旅社 youth hostel。

— 当地居民,多半谈的是当地的区域:台北 Taipei /台中 Taichung /台南Tainan/高雄 Kaohsiung /花莲 Hualien。

答  案

1. d   2. e   3. b   4. a   5. c