Ages 岁数
Lesson 2
Fill in the blanks below with words:are or is.
1 How old you?               2 How old he?          3 How old they?


4 Guess, how old we?     5 How old it?            6 How old she?

一、Match dialogues below. Fill in alphabet A1-A8 into the following brackets.


7( ) Q1: How old is your little brother?

A1: He’s a senior doctor of 34.

8( ) Q2: Is she your 8-year-old daughter?

A2: It must be about 20-30 years of age.

9( ) Q3: May I know your age? A3: I’m 33 years old.

10( )Q4: At what age that people are allowed to drive a car?

A4: He is 25.

11( ) Q5: Guess, how old is this vintage wine?

A5: A child of 6 can use it.

12( ) Q6: How old are the children in primary 1?

A6: Yes, she is. She has turned 8 last week.
13( )Q7: The man looks too young to be a doctor, what’s his age?

A7: They are usually aged 6-7.

14( )Q8: What’s the age requirement for a child to use this machine?

A8: People above 20 have rights to drive a car.

二、Listen to the interview and fill in T for “True”, F for “False”.

1.( ) She has a 16-year-old child.

2.( ) She met her husband when she was 20.

3.( ) She married to her husband when she was 33.

4.( ) She can play the piano when she was 5.

5.( ) She had an individual piano concert in her age of 12.

答  案:

一、1. are   2. is   3. are   4. are   5. is   6. is   7. A4   8. A6   9. A3   10. A8   11. A2   12. A7   13. A1   14. A5

二、1. F   2. F   3. T   4. T   5. F

Knowledge Time
1 years old的year为可数名词,其复数形式(=2岁以上)year后面需加s; 故读成years old; 但当描述2岁以下(=1岁)时,则需将s拿掉,例如:我1岁=I am one year old.

2 teens (=teenagers)指的是13-19 岁的少年, 其中不包括10(ten), 11(eleven), 12(twelve); 因为从13(thirteen)-19(nineteen)的英文词里才有teen这个词尾。

3 在不明确是几岁,但略知是20几、30几或90几岁……可用下列叙述,例如:in her 20s.(=在她20几岁时)She started to play the piano in her 20s.

4 同上述,若在20出头(=20-25)就加early, 例如:in her early 20s; 若指的是20靠尾(=26-29)接近30时,就加late,例如:in her late 20s.