Names 姓名

一、 Match dialogues below to name cards above. Fill in A, B or C into the following brackets.
配配看,将上图A, B, C名片配下列对话,并将A, B或C填入正确括号中。

1( ) Q1: What’s your name?

A1: My name’s Kimberly.

2( ) Q2: May I have your name?

A2: Yes. I’m Joshua.

3( ) Q3: Your name,please?

A3: As hley Ai-Ling Chen.

4( ) Q4: What’s your first name?

A4: My first name is Ashley.

5( ) Q5: How to spell your last name?

A5: C-H-E-N.

6( ) Q6: Do you have any middle name?

A6: Yes, it’s Ai-Ling.

7( ) Q7: Are you Katherine Wong?

A7: No. I’m Kimberly.

8( ) Q8: Is your last name“Yang”?

A8: No. My last name is Scott.

9( ) Q9: I’m Christopher Parker. And, You are…?

A9: I’m Kimberly Stockbridge.

10( ) Q10: What’s her name?

A10: Her name is Ashley Ai-Ling Chen.

11( ) Q11: What’s his name?

A11: His name is Joshua.

12( ) Q12: May I know her first name ?

A12: Yes. Her first name is Kimberly.

13( ) Q13: Is his first name “Joshua”?

A13: Yes.

14( ) Q14: Is this your name?

A14: No. Joshua M.Scott is my name.

15( ) Q15: Is that her name?

A15: Yes. She is Ashley Ai-Ling Chen.