1.not ... anymore

【原句】Yeah, we're not hallway people anymore.(S06E02)




hallway n.同a hall (ENTRANCE)门厅;走廊。

hallway people过道上的人。

anymore adv.(不)再。通常用于疑问句或否定句中,与not连用。


The two rooms connect by a hallway.


Don't you love me anymore?


2.sit out

【原句】How long can sushi be sitting out?(S06E02)




sit out — phrasal verb with sit verb

①(因疲劳或受伤)不参加(舞蹈、游戏等)活动。=to not take part in a physical activity such as a dance or a game, because you are tired or injured

②等待...结束,熬到...结束。to wait for an unpleasant situation or event to finish, without leaving or taking some other action


I'm feeling rather tired, so I think I'll sit out the next dance.


The company's management is prepared to sit out the strike rather than agree to union demands.