1.under sb's nose

【原句】... and they're right under our noses. (S0520)




① under sb's nose就在某人眼皮底下 in sb's presence, usually without him noticing anything。


②扩展(from) under your nose在…眼皮子底下发生(指坏事就在眼前发生但却没被意识到或无法被阻止) used about something bad that happens in an obvious way but in a way that you do not notice or cannot prevent。


The book I was looking for was right under my nose.


She stole the shoes from under the assistant's nose.


2.a huge compliment

【原句】Wow, Sophie, this is such a huge compliment. (S0520)




compliment 恭维话;赞扬话;奉承话。a remark that expresses approval, admiration, or respect。

Do not confuse with complement.(不要与这个混淆)


I take it as a compliment (= I am pleased) when people say I look like my mother.


Are you fishing for (= trying to get) compliments?