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The [ʌ] sound. This is a vowel sound, a back vowel, which means it feels like it's coming from here in the throat, uh. It's very related to the [ɑ:] sound, the only difference being: ah, the jaw drops more. Uh is actually the sound that we use when we are thinking: uuuuhhhhhh... So as you can see, in American English it is an extremely neutral sound. To make this sound, the jaw drops just a bit and the tongue rests in the bottom of the mouth with the tip of the tongue touching the bottom teeth in the back. Uh, uh. Very neutral, very simple sound.
[ʌ]是一个元音,是后元音,意思是这个音感觉像是从喉咙这里发出来的。它与[ɑ:]音非常接近,唯一的区别是:发ah时,下巴下移得更多。Uh实际上是我们在思考时发出的那个音:uuuuhhhhhh... 所以你可以发现,在美式英语中,它是一个极其含糊的音。发这个音时,下巴只需略微下移,舌头放在口腔下部,舌尖轻触下排牙齿的后面。Uh, uh. 非常含糊简单的一个音。

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I love my younger brother, but sometimes he bugs me.