Listening and Translation

Sentence Translation

1. Please hold my telephone calls and just take a message. I can call back later. I must have a little peace and quiet to concentrate on these figures.

2. This company has a registered capital of 15 million US dollars and specializes in importing and exporting and a great variety of digital products.

3. Share prices on the London market have fallen sharply today. Following sharp losses are on Wall Street. Shares of living financial banks have been the worst hit.

4. Good health is usually associated with exercise. But that is not the whole picture. In order to keep fit, you have to eat well, sleep well and generally feel good about yourself.

5. Many young people dream of becoming top models. To become slim is what they usually desire. Therefore in order to keep their weight down, they simply avoid food.

Passage Translation

American Businessmen frequently use social situations to make business deals. One of the best examples of this practice is the business lunch. It is used to win clients, to make influential contacts, to discuss and settle internal disagreements, and even to interview potential employees. Some companies always conduct job interviews over lunch. A business lunch usually lasts from one to two hours and it often takes place at a restaurant with a pleasant, quiet atmosphere conducive to private discussions.

As the world population becomes denser, we will feel greater pressure from the expanding number of people. Some experts argue that we are approaching the limit of the number of people the earth can support adequately and they feel we shall turn to compulsory birth control. Other authorities feel that if birth control is imposed on the population, the future of mankind will be seriously endangered. They think intelligent people will be more likely to have fewer children, which will bring about a lowering of the level of intelligence.